NanoVi™ for Health and Wellness Practitioners

The NanoVi™ device is a safe and effective way to engage your health and wellness clients. The device is easy to operate and does not require staff oversight. Sessions typically last between 15 and 30 minutes and can easily be done concurrently with other treatments. Research, including double blind placebo-controlled testing, confirms the benefit of NanoVi™ technology and is available in our Library.

Prevention and Health benefits

NanoVi™ technology is designed to improve the body’s response to oxidative stress damage. Counterbalancing oxidative stress leads to better health benefits and vitality for clients of all types.

Benefits of better oxidative response include improved:

  • Protection against and repair of free radical damage
  • Ability to address adverse effects of aging
  • Balance of immune system function
  • Utilization of oxygen and nutrients
  • Cellular activities including energy production and detoxification

Researchers have conducted a number of studies, including placebo-controlled research. Results are available in our Library and highlights include:

  • Reduction of double strand DNA breaks
  • Less lactate measured in the blood after exertion
  • Stronger immune response measured in blood
  • Stronger stress response measured by Heart Rate Variability

What’s your specialty?

In the following sections, we share how best to integrate NanoVi™ devices into your practices. Select the specialty that best suits you.

Implementing the NanoVi Pro™ and NanoVi Exo™

Both the NanoVi Pro™ and NanoVi Exo™; are designed for intuitive and easy operation for staff and client. The client inhales moist air from either a cannula or the touch-free flexible arm delivery system and may be sitting up or lying down during their session.

Initiating a session is as simple as pressing the start button and the preferred session time can be stored in memory. When the session is complete the device will automatically stop. Clients can self-administer using SmartCards.

We provide videos, brochures, and conference time as needed to help you get started. Click for our implementation overview.

Business success

The NanoVi Pro™ device:

  • Offers great health benefits for clients of all types
  • Is cost effective and profitable, often paying for itself in a matter of months
  • Requires little maintenance or staff training and service checks are built in
  • Uses little space and can be easily added to existing treatment areas
  • Is an exciting new service to offer existing clients or attract new ones
  • Comes with all the materials and online content needed for marketing to clients

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NanoVi™ for health professionals