NanoVi™ for Dentists

A quick, painless recovery after a dental procedure is important to you and your patients.

Patients want to return to normal eating and activities as soon as possible. Dentists who want to help clients relieve stress, bounce back faster, feel, and look better should take a serious look at the NanoVi™ device. This is a new approach in dentistry but one that has great value, especially to oral surgery.

Incorporating NanoVi™ into your practice

For patients who experience stress when visiting the dentist, use the NanoVi™ device before a dental procedure to relieve stress. NanoVi™ device use is calming and helps relieve stress and balance the autonomic nervous system.

Similarly, consider a NanoVi™ device for patients if teeth cleaning is challenging for them and plaque removal overtaxes them. If your goal is to help people feel better faster, using the NanoVi™ device after routine dental procedures makes perfect sense.

For oral surgery, use the NanoVi™ device just before surgery, just after surgery, and daily for at least four days after the procedure. If it is possible to continue daily sessions for one to two weeks, that’s better still.

In these cases, patients typically return to the dentist’s office for daily NanoVi™ sessions. The device can be secured in a waiting room so patients can drop in and use it without staff assistance. NanoVi Pro™ and NanoVi Exo™ devices have smartcard technology that control use to the device. Smartcards can be sold to clients or the service can be included as part of your dental procedure. Once you own the NanoVi™ device, the cost of providing sessions is negligible and Eng3 offers complete support and training for NanoVi™ implementation.

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What dentists and patients say about NanoVi™

“I purchased a NanoVi Pro™ device years before I had major dental surgery. 8 implants is 4 months. I used my device everyday before surgery, then a lot the day of surgery and the next morning. That afternoon, the day after surgery, I went to my dentist for a check up. He was astonished at how I looked and how I felt. He was so impressed, just with my one example, that he bought NanoVi Exo™ for his practice almost right away. My dentist is great, my results are terrific and he clearly really cares about his patients. I am even more grateful to Eng3 for the NanoVi™ device, what a difference it makes.”
M.J., personal user