NanoVi™ for Chiropractors

The NanoVi™ device is especially valuable to chiropractors that take an integrative approach to their clients wellbeing. It helps the client reduce stress and relax prior to adjustment but really shines when chiropractors are trying to optimize the person’s whole system.

The NanoVi™ device is used to improve cellular activities so it well suited for clients wishing to increase their vitality or slow the aging process. The NanoVi™ device is often used to help reduce stress and improve sleep.

Incorporating NanoVi™ into your practice

The NanoVi™ device can be used to help reduce stress before or after chiropractic work, or as a separate service. Session times range from 15 to 30 minutes and can be done in conjunction with a consultation or another service. Most doctors have clients use the NanoVi™ device before they start work. This is done to help the client relax and allow their tissues, joints, or muskuloskeletal structure to be more responsive and easier to manipulate. The advantage of incorporating NanoVi™ can be noticeable to both the client and the practitioner.

When chiropractic work becomes challenging for a client, following the treatment with a NanoVi™ session is valuable. NanoVi™ is restorative and can help clients recover from chiropractic muscle, joint, or connective tissue manipulation faster and with a better overall outcome. Clients that need additional supports can be offered sessions as a standalone service.

An advantage of the NanoVi™ device is that incorporating sessions does not require your time. The device is easily moved between clients on a cart, can be given a dedicated space, or set up and secured in the waiting room.

When it placed in an accessible area, operation of the NanoVi™ device can be controlled with its integrated SmartCard technology. When set in SmartCard mode, a valid card is needed to operate the device. Clients purchase the cards loaded with minutes which are deducted with use. The NanoVi™ device is simple to operate so once the client has purchased the SmartCard, they do not require staff attention. Eng3 offers support and training to make your NanoVi™ implementation a success.

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What Chiropractors say about NanoVi™

This device is helpful to everyone. So many of my clients have benefited from it that I’m sure it can improve the patient outcomes of almost any health practice.
Verna Hunt D.C.