NanoVi™ for rehabilitation and bodywork

The NanoVi™ device has been shown to help increase physiological balance. Its calming effect helps people relax and reduce overall stress. Stress has many adverse effects, which are what drive most people to seek body work, or physical therapy. They may be unable to relax, have physical challenges, restricted movement, injuries, or all of the above

Rehabilitation and body work can be like solving a puzzle comprised of various physiological clues that differ for each person. Likewise, treatment is typically customized, but each and every client can benefit from NanoVi™ sessions. The device is a valuable addition to all kinds of rehabilitative and body work.

Incorporating NanoVi™ into your practice

The NanoVi™ device can be used before, during, or after treatment. It is often done at the same time as acupuncture or massage therapies. Manual therapists will tend to have their client use the NanoVi™ device before they begin their treatments. If clients are relaxed before treatments, their muscles, joints, and tissues are more responsive to therapies and easier to manipulate. The advantage can be noticeable to both the client and the practitioner.

When the bodywork is difficult or depleting for a client, giving them a NanoVi™ session after your work is recommended. It is restorative and can help clients recover from muscle, joint, or connective tissue manipulation faster and with a better overall outcome.


  • Clients are more relaxed so your work is more comfortable and enjoyable for them
  • Relaxed tissue is easier to manipulate, making a treatment less wearing for you as a practitioner
  • When work is aggressive or the client is challenged, bodywork can be especially taxing. NanoVi™ sessions help clients feel better and recover faster
The NanoVi™ device for cell repair, nanovi, eng3, bodywork


The NanoVi™ device for cell repair, nanovi, eng3, bodywork


What practitioners say about NanoVi™

Brian Dobbs Bone Whisperer, nanovi, eng3, bodywork

I use the NanoVi™ device to provide more power, thus demanding less force, in order to get change and release. It is a remarkable tool. See statement >>
Brian Dobbs, Vascular Bone Therapist, Rolfer