NanoVi™ for Cosmetic Surgeons

Proper recovery after a cosmetic surgery procedure is vital to your patients. They want return to work and social activities as soon as possible. It’s likely you presently recommend patients ice and elevate affected areas, refrain from physical activity, rest, and adjust their diets.

Offering the NanoVi™ device to clients helps them recover faster, feel better, and improve their overall appearance following cosmetic surgery or treatment. Patients that augment their cosmetic surgery or procedure with NanoVi™ sessions may benefit from relieved pain and/or tension, reduced swelling or tissue edema, and minimized scar tissue.

Incorporating NanoVi™ into your practice

Cosmetic surgeons add the NanoVi™ device to their patient’s regimen at 3 key points.

  • Just before surgery, because it has a calming effect
  • Right after surgery to help reinvigorate the client
  • Daily for at least a week following the procedure, preferably for several weeks

Patients may return to the office for daily NanoVi™ sessions or your office could rent them a device for one or more weeks following the procedure. The improved outcome is beneficial to patients, as well as surgeons who have a keen interest in their patient’s speedy recovery.

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What surgeons and patients say about NanoVi™

“When a patient uses the NanoVi™ device the results at four days are similar to what I normally see at 10 days.”
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J.W., MD (cosmetic surgeon)

“Over the years I have had several similar procedures. After the last one, I was using the NanoVi Pro™ device every day at my retirement center. My doctor said he was shocked at how well I was doing because my recovery was far better than he expected. The difference was definitely noticeable to me too.”
S.P., personal user