NanoVi™ SmartCard technology

NanoVi Pro™ and NanoVi Exo™ devices are designed for professional use and come with SmartCard technology.

Clients pay for and manage sessions – no administration required!
SmartCards enable clients to prepay for a series of sessions and to administer their own sessions without attention from staff. Minutes are deducted from the card as clients use the device.

SmartCard technology makes it easier to offer NanoVi™ sessions in areas that are not overseen by staff.

When the NanoVi™ device is set up to require a SmartCard, it will only run with a valid card. You or your staff can give your client the SmartCard which serves almost as an on/off switch preventing others from using it.

SmartCards can also be programmed with a specific number of minutes ensuring that clients use the device for the appropriate amount of time.

It is most beneficial when clients purchase enough minutes for a series of sessions, then come back to use the NanoVi™ device on a regular basis.

SmartCards are easy for clients to use, with an arrow showing how to insert them into the device. A metallic chip on the back of the card is read by the device. Two types of SmartCard are used to operate the device. The Owner Card is required to put the NanoVi™ device in SmartCard mode and to load User Cards with minutes. The User Card operates the device.

The NanoVi™ device SmartCard