Implementing the NanoVi Pro™ or NanoVi Exo™ Device

1. Simple Operation

NanoVi™ devices are extremely easy to use. The session begins by touching the numbers on the screen to enter the session time and pressing the start button.

It is even easier to store the session time in memory then just press start for each session. The device will automatically shut off when the session is complete.

Output from the NanoVi™ device is delivered to the client through a flexible arm that can easily be positioned in front of the nose. The Flex-Arm works either with or without a nasal cannula attached to it.

When used with a cannula, the client can turn his or her head without disrupting the session. When only the Flex-Arm is used, the client must be sitting up or lying still.

Disposable paper tubes fit on the end of the Flex-Arm and are easily replaced between clients. NanoVi™ sessions can be done concurrently with other services.

2. Implementation

Eng3 makes it easy for staff members to understand and use NanoVi™ technology. We provide a video explaining how to use the device, articles on how it works, and studies of the benefits. The information is organized in a step-by-step fashion so setup and familiarization can be completed within a couple of hours.

Eng3 offers conference call training with Q&A to ensure all staff members are trained in presenting the device to clients and overseeing its operation.

3. Easy to Manage

NanoVi Pro™ and NanoVi Exo™ devices are designed for professional use. They have SmartCard readers enabling clients to prepay for a series of sessions, as well as administer their own sessions.

Minutes are deducted from client cards as they use the device. SmartCard technology allows the option of offering NanoVi™ sessions in areas that are not overseen by staff, since the device will only run with a valid card if it has been set in SmartCard mode.

Eng3 supplies folded client cards that enable the staff to mark the recommended session time for each user. A pre-formatted price list is also provided, making it easy to present pricing options to clients.

4. Introduction to Clients

Eng3 provides an introductory trifold as well as a brochure explaining how NanoVi™ technology works, both of which are designed for client use. A laminated sheet summarizing the benefits is also provided and can be left with the device for clients to review during a session. A brochure for clients and other material are provided at no cost.

Displaying an automated presentation in a waiting room can be a great way to get clients interested in trying the NanoVi™ device. Eng3 provides a DVD that presents the technology and its use.

5. Promotional Support

Eng3 provides content, images, and an introductory video to enhance the provider’s online presence, newsletters, mailings, or press announcements.

Eng3 has posters or graphics available to help professional customers promote your NanoVi™ device to clients. There are a number of different styles of poster and each style can be ordered in different sizes to fit the needs of the center. More detail on what posters are available can be found in the flyer entitled Eng3 Posters Available.

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Intuitive touchscreen interface