NanoVi™ for geriatric care providers

When elderly people feel well and self sufficient, the benefits extend to their caregivers, family members, and communities. And since older people have more oxidative damage, which underlies the aging process, they stand to gain more from using the NanoVi™ device than any other group of users.

NanoVi™ technology has the ability to address the adverse effects of aging by improving utilization of oxygen, balancing immune system function, and reducing free radical damage. It helps older people feel a sense of renewed vitality. Many elderly NanoVi™ users notice they feel more relaxed and sleep better. Greater mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being are also common responses. Other benefits may depend on their individual conditions.

Centers caring for elderly people also benefit if their community feels better, mentally, physically or both. The value of having people take care of their own needs and function independently cannot be overstated.

Incorporating NanoVi™ at your facility

A single NanoVi™ device can support dozens of residents in the geriatric community. It can be placed in a central location like a sitting area or library so residents have easy access. They breathe the humidified air stream either through a nasal cannula or a disposable paper tube placed on the end of the flexarm. The device is exceptionally simple to use: Most residents can start their own sessions without attention from staff!

NanoVi™ sessions can be helpful as a new and beneficial activity for residents to look forward to. Offering these sessions can differentiate your center and sends the message that the residents’ well-being is a top priority.

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What the elderly and their caregivers say

After seeing great results with my own recovery after working out, I was keen to see if it might do some good for my senior clients. I could see, objectively that almost every one of them showed improvements in heart rate variability. Two cases in particular are worth noting. See statement >>
John V., physical trainer for the elderly

After we had been using the device for a few weeks my elderly mother startled me by appearing at the top of the stairs. It has been many months since she had climbed the stairs without my help. What a great surprise, more independence is a huge deal to both her and me.
C.W., primary caregiver

For me the energy is great. If I use it for 20 or 30 minutes in the afternoon when I am at a low energy time I can notice that I have more energy and get through the day better.
Earl T., Oregon