NanoVi™ for Sports and Athletic Performance

Athletes use the NanoVi™ device to accelerate recovery, improve energy levels and boost immunity. NanoVi™ is drug-free and complies with the World Anti-Doping Code. Studies confirm its benefit

Research, including placebo-controlled studies, verify the benefit of repairing oxidative damage:

  • Significantly less lactate in blood after exertion
  • Stronger immunity
  • Less DNA damage in endurance athletes
  • Improved heart rate variability (HRV) in performance athletes
  • Better inflammatory response after all-out exertion


Why athletes value NanoVi™ technology

Recovery from exertion and injury is critical to professional and amateur athletes alike. Performance athletes experience a demanding cycle of oxidative stress damage and repair. Pushing to the limit is essential for building strength, endurance, and ability. However, it also generates additional free radicals, leading to oxidative stress damage. Athletes must repair oxidative damage quickly to stay healthy and perform well.

Athletes metabolize much more oxygen than non-athletes – in some cases more than 100 times the amount of non-athletes. The additional oxygen metabolism is necessary for performance, which is why so many athletes also use EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy). But it also has a downside because the related oxidative stress hinders regeneration and ultimately performance. See ”See the Oxygen Irony” for a description of the detrimental side of oxygen.

Many athletes try to avoid damage by taking antioxidants via food and supplements. Unfortunately, oxidative stress is often more widely spread than antioxidants can keep up with and once damage is done antioxidants do nothing to repair it. Although antioxidants play an essential role in preventing oxidative damage, they should be used wisely because overdoing antioxidants can suppress your repair functions.

How NanoVi™ helps

Fortunately, the body is well designed to repair oxidative damage. Certain ‘signaling molecules’ activate various proteins in the body to repair the oxidative damage but when the body’s response cannot keep up with the oxidative damage being done, recovery suffers. The NanoVi™ uses bio-identical signaling to stimulate the body’s cellular activities to counteract oxidative stress damage. Like the natural signaling molecules, the signal form the NanoVi™ device triggers cellular repair. Our page on How NanoVi™ Works explains this process. You may also be interested in a description of how NanoVi™ compares to oxygen and antioxidant therapies to repair oxidative damage. This short article helps relate NanoVi™ to these well known approaches, as well as EWOT therapy for athletes.

The impact of boosting the repair side of the equation, tipping the balance in favor of recovery, is noticeable to athletes of all ages. Bouncing back quickly after exertion and feeling vital while active make all the difference, regardless of your age, ability level, or whether you compete or not. Watch a life-long athlete tell her story in the video below.

NanoVi™ compliments oxygen therapies

Some athletes use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to accelerate repair. This can be beneficial but, of course, has the downside of pressing more oxygen into the system. For this reason, some HBOT centers use NanoVi™ sessions in conjunction with hyperbaric therapy to repair oxidative damage. An article on combining HBOT with NanoVi™ describes the benefits of having a NanoVi™ session after a HBOT dive.

Likewise, exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) is better with NanoVi™. EWOT can make it possible to increase training intensity, but again, there is a downside. See EWOT – Best when paired with NanoVi™ for a closer discussion.

Endurance athletes

You are a special breed and the NanoVi™ device is an especially good fit for you. Anyone who is performing or competing for hours creates a huge demand for repair of oxidative damage. We have seen excellent results from athletes competing in long cycling distance races, triathlons, and ironman-distance races. Listen to what one Ironman has to say:

Integrate NanoVi™ in your training regime

It is easy to incorporate the NanoVi™ device in a training regime. It can be done while using stationary equipment, when sitting or lying still, or while sleeping. During rigorous training, the more time on the device the better because there’s lots of damage to repair. Using this technology both before and after strenuous workouts has worked well for a number of elite athletes. It allows you to train harder, stay healthier and optimize your physical and mental ability. Recreational athletes report similar benefit but can use the device less, ideally at least three times a week.

What professionals and athletes say

NanoVi is one of the fastest, safest, most cutting-edge methods for DNA repair, faster recovery and extreme regeneration of tissue and cellular membranes. It’s also one of the best things that you can do for your mitochondrial health, your longevity and is a perfect addition to any anti-aging or fitness or recovery protocol.
Ben Greenfield speaker, author, biohacker, elite trainer

For athletes it is especially important to support the body’s natural repair process. Exertion creates additional free radical damage and micro tears and other tissue damage that undermines health. For this reason I recommend that athletes, especially endurance athletes, incorporate NanoVi™ technology in their training regime. See statement >>
L. Martinez, MD

I have been studying the NanoVi™ device and how it affects HRV for several months. It is clear that using the NanoVi™ device between training sessions and immediately after can improve parasympathetic activation thus enhancing recovery.
A. Robustelli, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Elite Athletes

It would be tough to return to the kind of recovery I had before using the NanoVi. It would be significantly different. I would have to pull back on the reins with working out and training… I wouldn’t go anywhere without my NanoVi. I have tried other recovery machines and nothing gets me back to a game-ready state and keeps me healthy like NanoVi. It is faster than anything I have used before. I recommend it to anyone, not just to athletes! See statement >>
M. Boyd, MLB Pitcher

As people who exercise vigorously, who eat tremendous amounts of food, consume tremendous amounts of oxygen, everyone in the fitness industry needs to be concerned with the amount of oxidative stress and the amount of free radical damage and you guys have discovered and designed a revolutionary way to help mitigate this stress. Thank you for doing what you are doing, and I look forward to what you continue to do in the future because I think this is going to help a lot of people reduce the aging process especially us athletes who are always looking for that edge. This is definitely something that a lot of people should be looking into.
Ben Pakulski, top body builder and expert on human performance

In 2016, Mary Joy Tabal was the first female Filipino marathoner to ever qualify for the Olympics. After training at the Tuscany Training Camp and using the NanoVi™ device regularly, Mary Joy won a gold medal at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. She ran 14 minutes faster than her Olympic time.
Mary Joy Tabal, marathon runner, gold medalist and Olympian

I love my NanoVi Exo! I have been using it in my office for almost one year, I have worked with many different professional athletes including NFL players. They all seemed to really enjoy the benefits from their sessions with the NanoVi; the biggest response was that the system helped provide for relaxation, yet they also experienced increased energy when they used it. See Full Statement>>
I love my NanoVi Exo! I have been using it in my office for almost one year, I have worked with many different professional athletes including NFL players. They all seemed to really enjoy the benefits from their sessions with the NanoVi; the biggest response was that the system helped provide for relaxation, yet they also experienced increased energy when they used it. Pro athletes go through a lot of strain due to their training so using the device really helps them bounce back. It helps give them the energy and focus they need to be on top. A physical therapist for the Broncos told me he could tell the difference if the player had a NanoVi session before manual therapy. The player appeared more relaxed and he got better outcomes.

Since using NanoVi™ technology my endurance has increased remarkably and my recovery time is amazing. Normally after a four-hour workout one day I would need to rest the next day but not anymore. I’m not getting the amount of micro-tearing that I normally would get and I don’t have the stiffness or soreness, it’s a big difference.
K. Cashion, ND, DC, Triathlete

This device has made a huge difference in my ability to compete. I’m no longer sore or lactated, I don’t cramp, I have more energy and am more relaxed. I feel great and my race results confirm the benefit. I’m 55 and the NanoVi helps me stay ahead of guys half my age. See Statement >>
R. Benson, Cat2 Top Elite Racer

I am 58 and racing with athletes in their 30s and 40s, there is a big age gap and I started to duke it out with guys I hadn’t seen or been around in a race for quite a while. It gave me an edge for sure. I think the biggest reason is faster recovery on the training side of things – that leads to better events. See Statement >>
T. Routley, Masters Level Cyclist

I use Eng3’s device all day to help my clients heal from disastrous injuries, it helps make them more responsive to bodywork. The outcome is better because their tissue is more relaxed and receptive to change.
B. Dobbs, LMT

I skied in the Olympics more than 40 years ago and I still push myself hard. The NanoVi Pro™ definitely helps me bounce back faster and feel good after overexertion. I wouldn’t be without it, it’s ideal for anyone who want to stay fit and active for their whole life.
J. McIntosh, Olympian, Ski Instructor

All my clients use Eng3’s device. We’re tracking the results and it’s having a measurable, positive effect.
M.H, Ph.D.