Tony Routley – Master Level Cyclist

NanoVi has no drugs involved so I was keen to try it and see what would happen. I started in May (2014) during the road and mountain bike race season.

At first I wasn’t sure about the NanoVi because there seemed to be no immediate change, then I noticed something that sparked my interest, my injured ankle, which is always black and blue and sore, had appeared cleared up. Right away and dramatically. I thought wow, look at that!

The recovery from training and racing was more subtle and took more time for me to notice. Then I got comments from friends and competitors that I was having a good year. I am 58 and racing with athletes in their 30s and 40s, there is a big age gap and I started to duke it out with guys I hadn’t seen or been around in a race for quite a while. It gave me an edge for sure. I think the biggest reason is faster recovery on the training side of things – that leads to better events. I know I have a better quality of training because I am feeling fresher and more recovered. This is real, I started out skeptical but NanoVi definitely makes a difference.  It really helped me train harder, feel focused and do better. Again I have to say at first I was skeptical but because of the results I got I definitely knew it was real.

Another change I noticed involved cramping. The dreaded leg cramps.  I have done the Test of Metal mountain bike race in Squamish for 18 years in a row. I have a good track record and history, year after year at this race. The nature of the race course leads to a lot of cramping. I have cramped every year some years were bad and some just a little but this was the first year that I had no cramping. Not even a twinge and the race is full out for about 3 hours.  I did my fastest time ever – that is a really good indicator to me that the NanoVi was doing something very positive. At my age to maintain fitness is great so getting better is fantastic.