Matt Boyd, MLB pitcher for the Detroit Tigers comments on NanoVi™ Technology

I was rehabbing from a small surgery that removed a loose body from my pitching arm. I was at the Athletic Training Institute with Kirk Bradshaw who was using muscle activation techniques. He had the NanoVi there so as part of my rehab I used the machine along with muscle activation techniques. With the NanoVi the recovery seemed much faster than expected.

After recovering, I left to play for the season. Then this off season I was rehabbing and recovering from my first full major league season after playing 75 games with an inning total I had never seen before. I reached out to Rowena at Eng3 to see if I could use the NanoVi to help me expedite the process of getting healthy for the off season, so I could continue training at a high level.

As a baseball player I have different workouts like gym and throwing workouts. Part of the thing with throwing is you go into it so much in a day that you can overdo it. The next day the quality and quantity of your reps will go down. It is normal to have this kind of problem early in the off season, after you take some time off and you have to regain your stamina and get back into a throwing routine. To help with this, I use the NanoVi after my workouts which is pretty close to every day. I use the machine from 20 minutes to an hour. I do it right after my workout and usually a second time before bed. I feel like I have had a lot of success with the NanoVi.

The first few times I used the NanoVi I became sore in places that hadn’t been sore in a long time. Kind of like previous injuries were finishing healing, I am talking about just the first week. After that I could tell I heal faster and I feel fresher and healthier the next day.

Usually I have kind of a workout hangover that can go on for 2 days or longer. When I’m using the NanoVi, very few times does it last two days and not once has it lasted longer. I wake up in the morning and go wow I feel much better today. Plus, I seem to