J2 Racing’s mission to improve their racing performance by combining biohacking with car racing has turned into a passionate pursuit of overall wellness and longevity, so NanoVi™ fits perfectly into their agenda.

Eng3 applauds J2 Racing’s decisions to combine the NanoVi™ and biohacking with car racing to improve their performance. Thanks to an introduction from Ben Greenfield the team learned about the benefits of NanoVi for recovery and added it to their regime. J2 Racing is a private team racing in the Porsche Cup2 class in their Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car. They are the only American team competing in the German dominated VLN series, and the ADAC 24-hour Nürburgring, an endurance race of an epic proportions.

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car, John Shoffner, J2 Racing, NanoVi, Biohack, VLN series, 24-hour Nürburgring, Janine Hill, Arno Klasen

The J2 Racing team of John Shoffner, Janine Hill, and Arno Klasen, with a NanoVi™ on their Porsche 99