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Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is gaining momentum as a way to improve athletic performance. It is also called Multistep Oxygen Therapy or Exercise with Oxygen Training. Regardless of the name, the idea is to inhale concentrated oxygen while exercising.

EWOT is done to increase the cell’s energy levels in order to train more intensively. During EWOT (and traditional oxygen therapy treatments) more oxygen is supplied to the lungs so the athlete is breathing more than the 21% level of oxygen we have in the air. Since a normal person utilizes only one quarter of the oxygen they inhale, transporting more oxygen to the cells does not necessarily improve oxygen utilization by the cells. While athletes report experiencing benefits from EWOT, increasing oxygen levels can also increase damage from oxygen free radicals. The fact that oxygen is both essential and harmful was the subject of a previous post that describes the Oxygen Irony.

Eng3 has a far different approach, which is to improve the oxygen utilization by the body so it complements exercise with oxygen therapy. Instead of adding more oxygen, the purpose of the NanoVi device is to repair oxidative damage so that cells can metabolize oxygen better. Reducing oxidative damage is why athletes turn to NanoVi™ technology. The goal is to increase oxygen utilization by the cells while reducing oxidative stress damage. To protect health and improve results, it makes sense to use the NanoVi™ device as part of any EWOT program. Whether used in conjunction with EWOT or not, the NanoVi device can be a key component of healthy training for any athlete.

Hyperberics are similar to EWOT in terms of increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the body. You may also be interested in how the NanoVi is complementary to HBOT.

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