Bio-Identical Signaling, by Dr. Luis Martinez

I have been using bio-identical signaling in my clinics for over a year now and am extremely happy with the results. Basically what we are doing is activating the oxidative response mechanisms, so we are just jump-starting cellular repair.

Usually, as we age, there is increased oxidative stress and signaling mechanisms are blunted. Bio-identical signaling therapy, using Eng3’s NanoVi Pro™ device, activates repair mechanisms.

My patients love it, they report increased energy and improved general wellbeing. So in all, bio-identical signaling therapy is just a really wonderful approach to healing and I believe that most, if not all, physicians should offer this therapy in their offices.

Dr. Martinez Explains Eng3’s Approach to Regenerative Medicine
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are unavoidable products of cellular metabolism and of environmental exposure to toxins. They are implicated in the aging process due to their detrimental and cumulative effects. However, ROS also serve a crucial role as messengers and are able to activate the oxidative response mechanism (ORM) responsible for increased cellular repair. Aging results in a gradual decrease in the body’s own ability to respond to and activate the oxidative response mechanism. Bio-Identical Signaling Therapy is a scientifically proven approach to increase ORM and cellular repair.

About Luis Martínez, MD, MPH, DABCL
Luis is the President, Regenera Global; President, Latin American Society of Regenerative Medicine; President, XanoGene Clinic; and Clinical Instructor, Ponce School of Medicine.

Dr. Luis Martínez is a Regenerative and Cell Therapy specialist, Board Certified Physician, clinical researcher and biomedical consultant. He earned his medical degree at the Ponce School of Medicine and completed his residency at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. He holds an Advanced Training Certificate in Stem Cells in Cancer from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Ponce School of Medicine consortium. Dr. Martínez has additional certifications in Cell Culture Methods and is fellowship trained in BioSecurity. He also holds a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology.

Dr. Martínez is president of Regenera Global, a multinational company that develops and facilitates novel Biological and Pharmaceutical products withing the field of Regenerative Medicine. He also presides over the Latin American Society of Regenerative Medicine. His current clinical research is aimed at studying the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in rare neurological diseases. From a basic science perspective, Dr Martínez is focused on developing novel therapies aimed at inhibiting cancer stem cell proliferation and culture methods for improving mesenchymal stem cell growth.

Dr. Martinez has served as consultant and developer of various clinics and laboratories in Latin America that offer cell-based therapies. He also serves as medical and scientific advisor for various BioTech, Pharmaceutical, and Nutraceutical companies. Besides being an international speaker, Dr. Martinez is also involved in educating and training physicians in multiple aspects of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. He provides training and educational support to the doctors in the Strategic Cellular Therapy Network as their International Medical Director.

Dr. Luis Martinez MD, MPH

Dr. Luis Martinez MD, MPH