Antioxidants are limited to preventing damage. The NanoVi™ from eng3 helps repair the damage, picking up where antioxidants leave off.

Putting nutrients into the body by no means ensures that they are absorbed and used. Elaborate supplementation will do little to enhance performance or protect the system if the nutrients are not properly metabolized. NanoVi™ technology is used to improve cellular activities including the utilization of nutrients, making supplementation more effective. Antioxidants are widely used to help neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress damage. However, they cannot repair damage once it has occurred. Therefore, antioxidants are limited to preventing damage so they are only part of the solution. The NanoVi™ device helps repair damage, picking up where they left off.

In fact, NanoVi™ helps prevent damage from the over use of antioxidants. For the last 15 years researchers have been confirming that taking too many antioxidants inhibits cellular repair. Going a step further, the results of a new study suggest that certain antioxidants (vitamins C and E) can also interfere with muscle development.

“Our results show that vitamin C and E supplements blunted the endurance training-induced increase of mitochondrial proteins, which are needed to improve muscular endurance.”
Dr. Gøran Paulsen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, 2014

The problem arises because overdoing it with an antioxidant not only neutralizes free radicals but also the signal certain free radicals naturally emit to initiate repair. The NanoVi™ device produces exactly the same biological signal. By augmenting the signaling for repair, the NanoVi™ device helps protect both athletes and non-athletes from the danger of overdoing antioxidants.

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