Leading Muscle Expert Ben Pakulski interviews Hans Eng & Rowena Gates about the NanoVi™ and its role in mitigating oxidative stress and improving recovery

In his Muscle Expert Podcast, Ben focuses on performance and recovery hacks for muscle building and performance. He is a champion bodybuilder who offers the #1 selling program for muscle gain. NanoVi™ fits perfectly with Ben’s approach:

“The smarter bodybuilders, like myself, focus on how to optimize recovery: short term and long term. This is the limiting factor to muscle growth! The faster you can recover, the more time you spend being anabolic (growing). Improve your capacity to recover faster and you can train again sooner to stimulate more new growth.”
-Ben Pakulski

According to Ben Pakulski, recovery is key. This is why one of the world’s top authorities on muscle building is introducing the NanoVi™ device to body builders. In this Muscle Expert Podcasts, Ben takes a deep dive into recovery and mitigating oxidative stress with NanoVi, enjoy:

Ben Pakulski, Muscle Podcast, NanoVi™, EZ-Water, Protein Folding

More about Ben Pakulski

Ben is a professional bodybuilder, author, public speaker, nutrition coach, celebrity trainer and success coach. He is a top authority on muscle building and fat loss and is passionate about helping others improve their lives. As a health and finest expert, he focuses on optimizing both mental and physical health.

Ben Pakulski is known for taking a deep dive with experts in health optimization (nutrition, hormones, sleep mindfulness and mind set), both physical and mental strength, and muscle hypertrophy. While Ben’s audience is primarily men, his knowledge and insight is beneficial to any trainee who wants to push their performance to the next level – both in the gym and in life. Ben is also the creator of the best-selling MI40 brand of intelligent muscle building programs.

As a foundation for all of this, Ben Pakulski studied kinesiology and biomechanics and earned his degree at the University of Western Ontario. His understanding of muscle movement and function are key to his success as a professional body builder.

Muscle Expert Podcast, NanoVi™ Technology, Ben Pakulski interview with Hans Eng & Rowena Gates, Mitigating Oxidative Stress

Ben Pakulski, Muscle Expert, Body Builder, Mitigating Oxidative Stress