Hans Eng presents the NanoVi™ device at the Conquering Chronic Diseases Conference and discusses issues related to Oxidative Stress and HRV testing.

ACIM’s (The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine) mission is disseminate integrative practices and knowledge to as large an audience as possible and to shift the healthcare paradigm towards wellness by creating a global WellnessCare community. In order to fulfil this mission ACIM runs online classes for medical professionals in multiple languages and hosts the Conquering Chronic Diseases Conference. This conference brings together all kinds of doctors from across the United States and far away as India. This year’s conference took place November 2nd-4th in Orlando, Florida. The conference was aimed at addressing chronic diseases and their causes.

Both the NanoVi device and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing were available to attendees in the expo portion of the conference. HRV testing was done by the North American distributor of ANS Analysis, a leading HRV technology company. Before and after HRV testing is a great way to show the impact of NanoVi.

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Hans Eng and Paula Strait presenting to ACIM conference

Presenting with Hans Eng was Doctor Paula Strait, an osteopathic medical doctor with over 40 years of experience in prevention a