NanoVi™ – A simple, fast, safe and compatible solution to help counteract oxidative stress

In 2014 I was fortunate to attend the hyperbaric oxygen conference in New Mexico. After many years of hearing about the growing interest in hyperbaric oxygen to promote wound healing, I decided to really dig in to study the research. What impacted me the most at the conference was the NanoVi.

By far this new technology is the most ground breaking. Here we have a simple, fast, safe and compatible solution to help counteract oxidative stress. When Hans Eng explained the technology, my jaw dropped. The research on reactive oxygen species goes back 70 years. I love that Eng3 applied this research to create a much-needed technology to aid in cellular repair. Now we can reach inside the cell. Now we can help fix the ultimate barrier to healing, our broken and damaged DNA and our cellular proteins. NanoVi unlocks the potential to the physics of healing.

Because the NanoVi is fundamentally working through the autonomic nervous system I always advise people that while we can measure improvement, we cannot feel improvement. The autonomic nerves are by design those nerves that we cannot feel. Neither can we feel the damage until it is almost too late. This is why measuring baseline function and doing outcome studies is most helpful to make sure we are on the right track.

In our clinic we are using functional capacity assessments that show not only that people feel better but also do better. Yes, people commonly report less pain, better cognition and heightened well-being and as a result they can do more. They are able to get out, get going and participate with their community. My favorite story is the relief that the NanoVi helped bring to an elderly couple who were on a steep downward slope. It was surprising how quickly they seemed to regained stability and looked like their old perky self. That is huge.

The NanoVi takes full advantage of German engineering. It is very sturdy and well made. The device is so easy to use simply push the button on; which patients can do without assistance. The staff at Eng3 have provided outstanding customer service.

Dr. Paula Strait

Dr. Paula Strait