David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now conference will feature many outstanding speakers advocating natural approaches to health and longevity (as well as sessions on the NanoVi device)

Eng 3 will be attending David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now conference this April. Founded by Wolfe almost a decade ago, Longevity Now is dedicated to bringing together a plethora of specialists in the fields of natural and alternative healthcare, to share and disseminate their ideas for living life to the fullest. The invitation to demonstrate the NanoVi device, amongst a hand-picked group of exhibitors, means conference attendees can get a mental and physical boost with a free NanoVi session.

David David “Avocado” Wolfe is one of the world’s foremost speakers on health and longevity and is driven to make everyday “the best day ever”. He believes this day can be found through the use of superfoods, superherbs, living sustainably, and spending time in nature. In pursuit of his mission, David has hosted over 3,000 live events, and visited 29 countries. He is also the founder of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, a charity dedicated to combating climate change and alleviating hunger by planting 18 billion fruit trees across the globe. Naturally, he will be presenting at the Longevity Now conference. He’ll also be found playing the drums during the conference’s dance party Saturday night.

Nadine Artemis, Eng3, NanoVi, Biohack, Longevity Now, David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now conferenceAmong the speakers at the Longevity Now is Nadine Artemis, a keen NanoVi advocate. Nadine is an aromacologist who uses her gift of synesthesia to create essential oils and serums to enhance the immune system and promote healthy living. Nadine Artemis and her partner created a wonderful line of natural products under the brand of livinglibations and she is the author of the highly aclaimed book Renegade Beauty. She and her work have received glowing reviews from the Hollywood Reporter, the New York Times, Vogue, and the National post. She has also appeared on several television and radio shows, and is a frequent speaker at wellness conferences such as Longevity Now.

Some good news for those who aren’t able to attend the Longevity Now conference. NanoVi user Luke Storey will be running the conference’s official podcast. With Luke helming the podcast, you’ll barely realize that you aren’t physically there!

Remember to look for Eng3 among these luminaries at the Longevity Now conference from April 6th-8th in Anaheim California!

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