The Natural, Non-Invasive Technology I Use to Reduce
Stress, Help Repair My Cells and Recharge—Amidst My
Crazy Busy Schedule

“For years, I’ve been doing research that shows that almost everything we come in contact with can cause cell damage. From food, to chemical exposure and even particles in the air we breathe, sources of oxidative stress are everywhere.

That’s why I was excited to find such an effective and cutting-edge method of DNA repair in the NanoVi. Even as a busy mom and business owner, it is easy to incorporate the NanoVi as a daily habit because I just turn it on while I’m working or reading to my kids.”

Katie Wells, Wellness Mama, Eng3, NanoVi
Hello, my name is Katie “Wellness” Mama.

As a passionate advocate for natural living, real food and ancestral health—it might surprise you to see me discussing cutting-edge “technology.”

But what I LOVE most about the NanoVi technology is that it leverages natural elements—water and light—to positively impact your cellular health.

Best of all, it’s totally passive… which is important for a busy mom and entrepreneur like me.

What Environmental Pollution, Toxins
and Chronic Stress Do to Our Cells

It’s estimated that we’re exposed to over 100,000 chemicals as part of “modern” living.

Even if you eat the cleanest, organic, Paleo or ancestral diet—unless you’re living in a forest and away from any cellular radiation—you’re getting at least SOME toxic exposure.

When you combine this with the stress of being a mom and trying to “do it all”… it’s easy to see how the cellular damage really begins to add up!

In fact, one study conducted on “severe life stress” showed how stress alters your nervous system, products oxidative stress in the brain, and negatively alters your DNA!

In basic terms, this means the wide array of daily stressors harm our brains, body, cells and our health on the deepest possible level.

That’s why I was so excited to discover this technology…

How NanoVi™ Uses Natural Elements to
Help Offset the Effects of Stress, While
Assisting in Cellular Detox and Repair

Here’s how the NanoVi™ works:

1 – An ultra fine vapor is created from distilled water, producing airborne microscopic droplets.

2 – The NanoVi’s patented technology uses a specific “light” wave to charge the tiny droplets of water mist.

3 – This energizes and structures the surface of each water droplet, so they carry the same healing signal you’d find in healthy cells and in pristine nature.

4 – You breath this energized, structured water vapor in, and it positively influences the entire cellular environment of your body.

5 – In as little 15-60 minutes (depending on the model you’re using), you experience deep cellular repair, healing and overall rejuvenation.

Beyond stress, you’ve probably also heard me discuss how cellular
inflammation accelerates aging. And I’m excited to report that…

NanoVi™ Can Assist Your
Body with That, Too!

In fact, research conducted at the Center for Sports Science at the University of Vienna evaluated blood lactate and inflammatory markers after exercise-induced oxidative stress.

This study ultimately verified the regenerative capacity of the NanoVi™ device. The subjects’ immune systems were positively influenced by a 15-minute session (half the normal session) done prior to physical exertion, as reflected in lactate levels.

And when a second (half) NanoVi™ session was done after exertion, white blood cells showed substantially higher immune response in the active NanoVi™ subjects.

The immune system boost was especially exciting to me as a mother who often burns the candle at both ends, and is exposed to all the different bugs children inevitably bring into the home.

It’s just one of the many benefits I’ve noticed.

All the Benefits I’ve Personally
Noticed from Using My NanoVi™

As you learned a moment ago, the NanoVi is totally natural, non-toxic and non-invasive. It simply uses water and a specific spectrum of light to energize water, which you breath in.

This, in turn, helps with so many other things, from stress to detox and beyond.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical that breathing in the NanoVi™ mist could do so much for my body. But after using it extensively in my home, here are some additional benefits I noticed:

  • Deeper sleep — because at night and when we sleep, our nervous system shifts into sympathetic mode. Stress and excessive stimulation from things like blue light disrupt this, but using the NanoVi™ can help shift your nervous system, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation that is very helpful for sleep.
  • Natural detox — having done so many things for my health over the years, I’m very sensitive to what detoxification and being “clean” feel like. I can absolutely say that using the NanoVi™ promotes a sense of feeling cleaner, more internally pure and — most importantly — this detox is gentle. It never takes me away from any of my responsibilities as a mother or business owner.
  • More stamina — being a busy mom AND working full-time can be downright exhausting! I’ve never been a big fan of stimulants, because I know what they do to your adrenals long-term. Luckily, the NanoVi™ seems to help me have more internal “resources” to get through the day without needing anything else beyond natural things like good, water, sunshine, etc.
  • Increased mental clarity — as we noted earlier, research shows that stress can create brain oxidation and mental fogginess. Of course, there are no “time outs” as a mother, you often have to keep going no matter how you feel. Since I’ve used the NanoVi™, I’ve noticed my mind is naturally more clear.

Of course, everyone is unique — these are things I’ve personally noticed from using NanoVi™ in my home each day.

How YOU Can Use NanoVi™
Naturally in the Comfort
of Your Own Home

It used to be that most NanoVis were purchased by health practitioners. But the company has worked hard to create multiple models of their device to meet a wider variety of needs and budgets.

To be clear, it’s still a premium device for those serious about their health and healing.

But if it works within your budget, investing in a home unit is FAR more affordable than paying per session with practitioners, where the cost is up to $50 for each 20 minute session.

When you own a NanoVi™—you’re able to do the equivalent a dozen or more sessions each week from home; that would cost you $400-600+ PER WEEK at many locations.

Owning a NanoVi™ device costs considerably less than that. And when you consider everything I’ve personally experienced — from reduced stress, to better sleep, to increased energy and focus…

… and you consider the fact that it’s 100% natural and leverages water and light to produce all of these amazing changes…

… I believe it’s one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make.

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