Medical Wellness Resort BIOLI

BIOLI adopted NanoVi™ technology to help their guests reduce the damage of oxidative stress. The NanoVi™ device works by initiating cellular repair and regeneration.

Staff of BIOLI and Eng3 share the fundamental belief that improving cellular health is the best way to improve the whole system. Better cellular function supports everything from weight loss and detoxification to stress reduction, better sleep, and a greater feeling of vitality.

The main concept of the BIOLI medical wellness resort is to prevent the early changes in our bodies smallest vital unit – the cell. The NanoVi™ device is directly in line with BIOLI’s concept as a medical wellness resort, by utilizing technology to provide assistance to their guests. It improves the body’s response to oxidative stress damage and strengthens the protective system against free radicals.
-Nino Nakashidze M.D., BIOLI Doctor

Factors such as poor nutrition, environmental pollution, and sleep deprivation all influence levels of oxidative stress and the body’s ability to repair this damage. At BIOLI Medical Wellness Resort, guests learn how to improve their diet and lifestyle in order to prevent oxidative damage.

BIOLI relies on the NanoVi™ device to help repair damage that has already occurred. The NanoVi™ is a perfect complement to BIOLI’s core programs that promote general well-being and specifically address toxicity, stress, and fatigue.

After several sessions with the NanoVi™, guests’ oxidative stress and overall well-being is improved. They say things like “after the session I feel more energized and refreshed” or “it makes me calm and relaxed”.
-Nino Nakashidze M.D., BIOLI Doctor

BIOLI programs all start by measuring the person’s status and designing the program to address their specific needs. An outstanding diet is combined with a variety of complementary services such as massage therapy, aromatherapy, enotherapy, and physical activity.

An advantage of the NanoVi™ is that guests enjoy other therapies that can be accompanied by the NanoVi™. It is safe, easy to use, and portable, which allows guests to use it during other procedures.
-Kakhaber Chelidze, Head of BIOLI Scientific Group

The BIOLI Medical Wellness Resort, with their focus on cellular health and objective assessment of their guest’s needs, is an ideal fit for the NanoVi™ device. The best judges of this are BIOLI’s guests who rave about their experience and report excellent results. Other wellness centers have similar reports, which you can find here.

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