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What Luke has to say:

From the very first 15-minute session I did on the NanoVi at the 2017 Bulletproof Biohackers Conference, I was hooked. I knew it would soon play a massive role in my healing and longevity. After the event, I continued to research the technology, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to add this fantastic device to my arsenal of wellness tools. I eventually got a unit of my own in early 2018, the week after I completed a reasonably invasive stem cell treatment, which would have required 3-4 weeks of recovery under normal circumstances. Upon my return home from my surgery in Utah, I immediately began doing multiple NanoVi sessions per day and was able to shorten my recovery time from weeks to mere days. This technology is incredibly powerful, and I continue to use it to combat the oxidative stress of travel, and living in an EMF and smog-filled city with 4 million other people. The short 3D video below explains how the NanoVi works:

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Dave Asprey talking about the NanoVi™ on Bulletproof Radio

“NanoVi is the stuff that I’ve been using lately. It’s actually something that’s blown me away! This is a really cool piece of tech that I’m using and I think that it’s worth looking at from a mitochondrial and a systems repair perspective… 48% of people under age 40, have early onset mitochondrial dysfunction and everyone over age 40 has it, we just call it aging.”

Wendy Myers, a specialist in toxic heavy metal detoxification

“I see the difference NanoVi makes in the energy levels of colleagues and those I coach. Since using NanoVi, I’ve found that I feel a buzz of vitality after each use, providing me with elevated energy throughout the day. I haven’t missed a day since starting NanoVi – I’m hooked!”

Ben Greenfield, America’s top personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and health expert

“NanoVi is a fast, safe, cutting-edge methods for DNA repair, faster recovery and extreme regeneration of tissue and cellular membranes. It’s also one of the best things that you can do for your mitochondrial health, your longevity and is a perfect addition to any anti-aging or fitness or recovery protocol.”

Quantified Bob – Bob Troia, Biohacker and Quantification Expert

“While I don’t have a “six pack,” my build is fairly lean/athletic and my body composition has remained pretty consistent over the past few years. While I did not make any changes to diet or exercise, as soon as I began using the NanoVi, the data from from my Nokia Body Cardio scale showed how body fat levels rapidly dropped by more than 3% with an increase in lean/muscle mass while remaining at close to the same weight!”

Caleb Jennings, Holistic Biohacker

“Essentially, you’re breathing EZ Water. This triggers a cascade of cellular signaling that dramatically reduces ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) aka Free Radicals and Oxidation, boosts Mitochondrial health and function (which means more ATP and optimized overall biological function), rapidly accelerates healing and regeneration of tissues, and repairs protein folding and synthesis mechanisms, DNA repair, and so much more! No changes to diet, supplementation, or exercise and I have lost 16 lbs in 14 days. (174 lbs to 158 lbs)”