Welcome Friends of Luke Storey to the NanoVi™ Technology Page

What Luke has to say:

From the very first 15-minute session I did on the NanoVi at the 2017 Bulletproof Biohackers Conference, I was hooked. I knew it would soon play a massive role in my healing and longevity. After the event, I continued to research the technology, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to add this fantastic device to my arsenal of wellness tools. I eventually got a unit of my own in early 2018, the week after I completed a reasonably invasive stem cell treatment, which would have required 3-4 weeks of recovery under normal circumstances. Upon my return home from my surgery in Utah, I immediately began doing multiple NanoVi sessions per day and was able to shorten my recovery time from weeks to mere days. This technology is incredibly powerful, and I continue to use it to combat the oxidative stress of travel, and living in an EMF and smog-filled city with 4 million other people. The short 3D video below explains how the NanoVi works:

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