…With technology that can help repair
genetic and epigenetic damage

DNA is damaged by oxidative stress on an ongoing basis – chemical/pH imbalances and radiation also contribute. Regardless of the source, fast and effective repair is essential to cellular health – and this repair is all done by proteins.

In fact, studies have shown that oxidative stress is a leading cause of brain aging, which over time, can play a role in lower mental performance and even memory loss.

The importance of proper protein function cannot be overstated, and this is precisely why the NanoVi™ device is such an important technological breakthrough.

Genetics are only part of the story. Countless protein activities determine how you feel, how well you perform, and yes, how you look. Improving protein activities is a whole-system upgrade. This is why so many health advocates are big NanoVi fans.

“I have watched people literally grow younger or recover very quickly when using their NanoVi™ devices… The NanoVi™ can help stimulate skin renewal, regulates sleep, and supports overall health by helping the body to better utilize oxygen. When used regularly, this convenient at-home device supports anti-aging in the body and in the skin. The NanoVi™ may also improve vitality and support better mental and physical performance — all by aiding in cellular repair… Deep, restful sleep is essential for rejuvenation and healing — and also for beautiful skin.”Donna Gates

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Learn how NanoViTM Does it

NanoVi is proven to reinstate proper protein functions; and has been shown to significantly reduce double-strand DNA breaks. This video shows how it works.

The NanoVi device helps your genome by improving protein function. Proteins do almost everything in your body; including repair of damage that occurs during the process of making proteins. Below is a quick overview of how proteins are made, starting with the DNA:

Modified from How Proteins are Made, Nicolle Rager, National Science Foundation

Unfortunately, damage can happen at any stage in the process of making a protein:

  • directly to the DNA
  • during transcription from the DNA to the RNA
  • during translation from the RNA to the protein
  • to the protein itself

All the repair work is done by proteins. And the complexity of these activities is staggering. In the amazing machinery of the cell, proteins are not just the final product; they are also the maintenance crew for the equipment that makes proteins!

By improving protein function, NanoVi can help with all stages of the protein-making process. NanoVi works to ensure that the intended genetic code eventually turns into the proper protein, a process that is vital to cellular function.

It is Not Just Genetics,
Epigenetics Plays a Big Role

DNA code:
Correct DNA is so critical our cells keep specific proteins on standby to repair damage as quickly as possible. Cells also increase the production of specialized repair proteins in response to damage, just to safeguard the DNA. Whether repair proteins are on standby or produced on the fly, NanoVi assists with their folding and function.

Oxidative stress can lead to disease by damaging the epigenetic system of control over our DNA expression. NanoVi has been shown to increase repair following oxidative stress damage; meaning that it may contribute to recovering proper epigenetic function, as well as repairing the DNA code.

The benefits of better protein functions start with genetics and extend to all aspects of wellness and performance. Contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.

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