NanoVi™ – Regeneration Within Your Reach

The NanoVi™ is a self-healing device that Donna Gates personally uses. Individuals and health professionals rely on it to help regain vitality, recover from injury faster, and improve performance. Donna relies on NanoVi to help create a stronger immune system and enhance the healthy diet and lifestyle she promotes —Body Ecology’s Gut Smart/Gene Smart Way of Life.

Donna Gates

As long as we breathe oxygen for fuel, free radicals are generated as by-products that cause oxidative damage. While antioxidants are supposed to prevent this damage, we may not be eating enough antioxidant-rich foods. Plus, common genetic variants in antioxidant-producing genes, like SOD, CAT, and GSH mean these genes may not work efficiently. NanoVi helps repair oxidative damage. The oxidative insult to our cells damages our DNA and results in diseases and early aging. The ability to repair cellular damage makes NanoVi a perfect complement to the way of life that Donna has advocated throughout her career.

The biohacking community has fully embraced the healthy lifestyle principles developed by Donna. It makes perfect sense that the “father of biohacking”, Dave Asprey, also appreciates NanoVi.

“This is a hack that helps at a very basic level throughout your body, and it has even been shown to improve performance. A lot of people feel a big difference from doing it. I like to do NanoVi while I am doing something else. It is one thing to do a Biohack when you are focused on it and it takes time, it is another thing to get an advantage while you do something else – like being on a phone call. NanoVi is a cool biohacking technology and I highly recommend it.” Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Founder, Author