ROM (Range of Motion) exercise machine is a very short, high intensity, workout. It challenges muscles in both directions (push and pull). The ROM matches the amount of strength and effort a person puts into it by using a flywheel. A centrifugal brake puts more resistance on the flywheel so exercise becomes harder, the faster the flywheel turns. As a result, the machine adjusts to greater strength and endurance and always challenges the body.

The manufacturers say it is possible to get a full workout on the ROM machine in 4 minutes a day, just a fraction of the time most people spend exercising. Sensor technology built into the ROM assigns a score to each exercise session. This makes it easy to measure progress and also to see the impact of the NanoVi™ device. Athletes report hitting their personal best ROM records when they incorporate the NanoVi™ device in their ROM exercise routine. The combination is so good because high intensity workouts create a huge demand for recovery. The NanoVi™ helps with this recovery by triggering repair mechanisms at the cellular level. It is not necessary to use the NanoVi™ at the same time as the ROM, although this can be done. Below, Janice describes her experience.

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Recovery from ROM machine exercise

I have a ROM exercise machine, which is designed to give you an intense workout in 4 minutes. It has an upper body and a lower body workout. The ROM manufacturer recommends that you alternate these workouts, doing the upper body one day and the lower the next.

Even though the ROM workout only lasts 4 minutes it is really intense. At around the 2-minute mark it starts to get really hard. At the end of 4 minutes I am usually very winded and my heart is pounding.  Once you are done, the machine assigns you a score. The goal is to reach a score of 115 three times in a row before you move on to the next level of intensity.

I have over the years had periods when I manage to fit in the workout every day, but that has not been the case recently. The other day I used the Eng3 air machine for maybe 10 minutes or more before getting on the ROM machine to do the upper body workout.I had not worked out at all in at least 2 weeks prior to that and probably more. I had even not been doing the entire 4 minutes when I did do it and I had not been using my ROM machine every day by any stretch of the imagination.

I was still using the air machine when I got on the ROM machine and continued to breathe the Eng3 air throughout the upper body workout. I could not believe how easy it was to pull and push the levers. It felt effortless. I did have to stop and start a little to prevent the cannula from getting caught on the handles.

By the end of my workout on the ROM machine, I was not out of breath and my heart was not racing. My strength did not waver throughout the 4 minutes and I felt consistently stronger than I usually do. My score had been around 108 the last time I did this workout. My score this time was 112, but it’s been 3 days and I didn’t write it down. It might have been higher and the score was lower than it should have been because of the times I stopped to move the cannula.

The next day I did the lower body workout. That wasn’t quite as effortless, but it was still way easier to get through. My final score was 115. And I wasn’t winded at the end. My pulse felt a little accelerated but nothing compared to the usual. My most recent ROM scores had been around 107 to 109.

Thanks so much for everything!

An update:

My ROM exercise score was 116 tonight for upper body.  Very good for me.  Heart beat was up at the end, but I wasn’t out of breath.  A much easier workout.  For me it really makes exercising painless!

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Janice A., New York, ROM

Janice A., New York