Dave Asprey features NanoVi™ Technology on Bulletproof Radio

Hans Eng and Rowena Gates recently visited Dave Asprey at his Bulletproof Lab on Vancouver Island. He has been using the NanoVi™ since last year and dedicated a podcast to a conversation about the science behind it and its use. Much of the discussion focused on protein folding so if you haven’t seen the 3D video post, taking a few minutes to watch it first is a good set up for Dave Asprey’s interview with Hans.

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Dave Asprey: You’re listening to Bulletproof Radio, with Dave Asprey. Today’s cool fact of the day is that your body makes on an average day 640 quadrillion free radicals, unless, of course, you do endurance exercise, in which case you can multiply that number times 100. Now 640 quadrillion is a big number because you have only one quadrillion mitochondria in your body, which is interesting because that number is much larger than the number of cells in your body, which is also larger than the number of bacterias in your gut. Free radicals are a cool thing and we’re going to be talking about those more today.

If you’re interested in this kinds of thing … If you saw the podcast with Naveen Jain, recently, we talked about a new service called Viome, that’s V-I-O-M-E, that gets measurements four times a year of your mitochondrial function as well as the entire gut biome, your fungal load, your bacterial load, not ju