3D Animation Shows Biophysical Process that Uses Exclusion Zone Water or EZ Water to Assist Protein Folding

This 3D animation shows how Exclusion Zone (EZ) water plays a key role in protein folding, how EZ water is generated by the NanoVi device and why it is so helpful to cellular activities.

How NanoVi™ Provides More Energy for Life: A Biophysical Process to Assist Protein Refolding

Additional information about NanoVi technology can be found on the How does NanoVi work page?.

Text for the video soundtrack is below:

More than 99% of our body’s molecules are water. The DNA and proteins, which are the second most abundant compound, are embedded in this water. Hundreds of thousands of different proteins execute every process in your body. Tens of thousands are found in each cell.

Folded proteins are essential for cellular activity that keeps us vital, healthy and alive. Unfortunately, folded proteins and the DNA are constantly damaged by free radicals during oxidative stress. When unfolded, they lose their function. This reduces cellular activity. The results are loss of performance, aging and, in a worst-case scenario, chronic disease. Fortunately, repair and regeneration are possible and occur when proteins fold and refold.

Always, along with free radicals, signaling molecules known as excited or activated oxygen are generated and emit a specific electromagnetic energy. This energy is absorbed and transferred by water, forming layers of ordered water on its contact surfaces. These layers are also called exclusion zone or EZ-water. It is more densely packed and has a higher energy state. They provide the energy required for proteins to fold. When enough layers surround a protein, the folding happens spontaneously and the protein start functioning. This essential biological process can now be assisted by the patented NanoVi technology.

In NanoVi devices, the same signal is emitted into water droplets in an airstream, leading to the forma