NanoVi™ for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centers

NanoVi™ oxidative stress repair technology provides a safe and effective way to promote physical vitality and rejuvenation.

NanoVi™ technology supports hyberbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) by initiating the body’s response to oxidative stress damage; an unavoidable by-product of increased oxygen. The two approaches are different and complementary as outlined in this comparison of NanoVi and HBOT.

NanoVi™ boosts regeneration at the cellular level. When cells have less damage they can metabolize both oxygen and nutrients better. A NanoVi™ session following hyberbaric chamber oxygen therapy treatment, leaves clients feeling more energetic, revitalized, and with better overall therapeutic outcomes. NanoVi™ technology is designed and suited for ongoing usage with HBOT. Therefore NanoVi™ oxidative stress repair sessions can continue well after a series of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments have been completed.

Incorporating NanoVi™ at Your Facility

NanoVi™ devices are easy to operate by staff members or clients at hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers. They can be added in treatment or waiting rooms, or moved around on a cart. The client inhales moist air from either a cannula or the touch-free delivery system and may be sitting up or lying down during their session.

Initiating a session is as simple as pressing the start button. When the session is complete, the device will automatically stop. Clients can easily administer their own sessions using prepaid SmartCards.

Eng3 offers complete support and training for NanoVi™ implementation. The device is easy to incorporate in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) center and staff quickly become proficient in its use and able to explain its benefits to clients.

What Doctors and Customers Say about NanoVi™

NanoVi™ is a standard part of our hyperbaric protocol. People feel better and a follow-on NanoVi™ session makes hyperbaric treatments more beneficial… We use NanoVi™ sessions to reduce recovery times. See statement >>
Dr. Christian Issels

On the weekends I do work on my farm and get dinged up a lot. It usually takes a bit for the cuts and bruises to heal but ever since I started using the NanoVi I have noticed that they seem to get better faster and I seem to get less scraps and soreness compared to before. I tend to have a lot more energy and noticed its increase.
Gordon M, Ohio