Eng3 to attend HBOT 2017 conference in New Orleans

Eng3 corporation is pleased to be participating in the upcoming HBOT 2017 conference in New Orleans August 17-20th. The NanoVi technology has been getting a lot of attention in the hyperbarics community as providers and centers see significantly improved therapeutic results and incorporate it into their protocols. We will be presenting our NanoVi technology and demonstrating why it is so complimentary. HBOT delivers more oxygen while NanoVi technology improves protein function. Clinics with combined NanoVi and HBOT protocols improve their effectiveness in addressing anti-aging, athletic recovery and chronic disease.

This year’s conference focus is “Healing Across the Spectrum of Disease and Beings” and veterinary medicine will be addressed as well.

Some of the highlights of the conference will be meeting and learning from…

Dr. Paul Harch who has recently been in the news for his work with Eden Carlson will engage us with new thinking and research on Traumatic Brain Injury and concussions as well as drowning.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino’s investigations into Cancer and HBOT, oxygen toxicity, ketogenic diets and metabolic neuroprotective strategies.

Dr. Pierre Marois discussing HBOT in Cerebral Palsy.

Dr. Edward Fogarty on the epigenetics of Autism

Dr. Loren Nations and Dr. Dennis Geiser on Veterinary HBOT

We are looking forward to attending the lectures. Of course, we are also excited about beignets. We will report back soon.

The NanoVi is very complimentary to HBOT. We have been using the NanoVi at our institute and have seen it enhance healing in conditions we have been treating with hyperbarics.
Donald L. Jolly-Gabriel, Ph.D., Chairman of Richard A. Neubauer Institute and Executive Director of South Bay Hyperbaric Center, Center for New Medicine, Irvine

Because oxidative stress is thought to be linked to auto-immune disorders, heart disease and so many chronic conditions, when we implemented the NanoVi we were also thinking of the long-term benefits of oxidative stress repair.
Doran Docken, Fresh Start Hyperbaric owner/operator

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