Wendy covers the basics of detox organs in her article “How NanoVi™ Helps with Detox”

Wendy gave us a concise overview of the detox organs, what they do, and what happens when they are overwhelmed. These days it is pretty easy to overtax your detox system because there is so much exposure to toxins in our daily lives. Toxicity mentioned in the article includes air pollution, heavy metals – often from amalgam fillings, herbicide exposure, and certain types of food and drink. These and other sources can overload the detox organs. Wendy Myers appreciates how the NanoVi device can be used to help counteract the related damage.

Basically, NanoVi helps your detox organs keep up with the stress they take on from processing lots of toxins and makes them more resilient.

Unlike most conversations about detox, Wendy goes to the heart of the matter by discussing how proteins are essential to all of the body’s functions, including detoxification. This is why NanoVi is so helpful. By supporting protein functions, it helps address oxidative damage associated with toxicity and the detoxification process. According to Wendy Myers:

If your liver and kidneys are dealing with lots of toxins, they’re also exposing themselves to a lot of oxidative stress. They produce tons of free radicals, which can cause liver and kidney proteins to unfold. That’s bad news, because your liver and kidneys rely on protein folding to detox properly.

A seemingly endless and unavoidable exposure to toxins can be disconcerting so it is important to remember that our body has an incredible system of organs to process and eliminate toxins. For the most part, the body’s detox organs get the job done and problems only arise when toxicity overloads the system. The NanoVi device is used by individuals and specialists like Wendy Myers to support the detox organs, help the body address toxicity, and promote regeneration when damage has occurred.

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Air pollution is a major source of toxicity that can overload the body’s detox organs

wendy myers, detox, detox organs, nanovi, eng3

Wendy Myers, detox specialist and author of How To Detox With NanoVi