The detox of heavy metals is a difficult and complex process, fortunately Wendy Myers has personalized and effective solutions

Why does Wendy Myers, one of the country’s foremost detox specialists, turn to NanoVi? Because detoxification involves much more than just getting the heavy metals out, it requires cellular repair and the restoration of healthy cellular functions.

Wendy Myers discusses the recovery aspect of detox and other issues in a recent podcast. Hans Eng and Rowena Gates were interviewed by Wendy on her Live to 110 podcast. She created Live to 110 to help spread information about detoxification and other health practices necessary for living a long and healthy life.

Wendy Myers is an outstanding voice in the field of natural healing and detoxification. After her father was failed by modern medicine, Wendy Myers decided to investigate alternative forms of healthcare. She founded MyersDETOX™ to share her findings, and created the Myers Detox Protocol, an individualized program to reverse and prevent disease. The main focus of the Myers Detox Protocol is chemical and heavy metal detoxification. Just living in the modern world means a multitude of chemicals and metals can built up in the body, causing a plethora of health effects. Through detox, these toxic substances can be removed from the body, allowing it to return to health.

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Wendy Myers hosting Live to 110 podcast

There’s no denying the damage heavy metals do to your body.

This includes:

•Creating cellular “stress” via negative ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)
•Promoting and even directly causing DNA damage
•Interfering with mitochondrial (cellular energy) function
•Interfering with protein function, or causing “protein misfolding.”

According to Wendy, all this is damaging on a deep cellular level. And since your overall health (especially how you look and feel) is a reflection of your cells… it’s easy to see the magnitude of the problem.

Detoxifying heavy metals is an important step, but the journey to renewed health does not typically end there. Once heavy metals are removed people need to recover from the presence of these toxins in their body. This recovery process is definitely not quick and easy for everyone. Wendy believes that assisting the recovery process is where the NanoVi device shines. It helps people recover from the damage inflicted by toxic heavy metals.

The NanoVi can assist with all four aspects of cellular damage mentioned above. Research conducted at the Center for Sports Science at the University of Vienna evaluated blood lactate and inflammatory markers after exercise-induced oxidative stress. This study ultimately verified the regenerative capacity of the NanoVi device. The subjects’ immune systems were positively influenced by a 15-minute session (half the normal session) done before physical exertion, as reflected in lactate levels. When a second (half) NanoVi session was done after exertion, white blood cells showed a substantially higher immune response in the active NanoVi subjects. Independent research also verifies the ability of the NanoVi to assist in DNA repair, even the double strand breaks that are so hard to repair. Reducing DNA damage is essential for your cells to carry out their optimum functions.

Everyone has different needs and different levels of sensitivity to changes in their body. While there is no ‘one size fits all’, changes like the ones Wendy experienced are often apparent to people who use the device regularly. Below are some of the shifts Wendy Myers reported after getting her own NanoVi:

  • Improved cellular detoxification — My body (and cellular) ability to remove waste has improved significantly; even if I have a rough day or stray from my diet, or I’m exposed to more city pollution (or electropollution, such as EMFs), I find I recover faster now.
  • Lower stress and better sleep — Tracking heart rate variability before and after a NanoVi™ session shows how effective it can be for the nervous system. This is especially true for the sympathetic nervous system, which is involved in sleep and recovery.
  • Recovery from overworking/long hours — Because I have my own business (multiple businesses, in reality!); I can sometimes have super long days, with hours on calls, recording podcasts, videos, computer work, meetings and more. I’ve found that NanoVi™ ensures that, even with a huge workload, I’m able to avoid extreme exhaustion and overwhelm.
  • More natural energy — I’ve also noticed that since I began using NanoVi™, my overall energy levels are higher and that I have less need for coffee or anything stimulating. This is likely due in part to the improved mitochondrial function it supports.
  • Anti-aging support — Much of the aging process we experience is caused by oxidation and inflammation. Heavy metals are major sources of these, but far from the only source. I’ve found that my body feels less inflamed overall… my skin is plumper, softer and moister… and my entire body just feels “younger.”

Not only does Wendy Myers value the personal benefits of the NanoVi and how complementary it is to detox protocols, she also appreciates how unique it is.

Granted, these are all subjective assessments of how I personally feel.
But as someone who has tried hundreds of health tools, technologies, and supplements, I can say with complete conviction that NanoVi™ is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Although not everyone is as active as Wendy Myers, most people will find the NanoVi device as easy to use as she does:

“Between my health practice, growing business, podcasts I host, Summits, and motherhood—I am insanely busy. The long hours I often need to work can lead to burnout, poor sleep, stress and other challenges… while also making any personal care or recovery time difficult to find. Luckily, the NanoVi™ is a pleasant, 100% passive device that I’m able to use almost anytime, day or night, to recover and rejuvenate. I often do it while working on my computer, researching… sometimes even right before or during sleep! It’s so easy to use, and so very calming. I find it especially great to use at night after a long day.

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Wendy Myers using a NanoVi at Paleo f(x)

Wendy Myers, detox, detoxification, heavy metal deotixification, toxi heavy metal detoxification, Detox or Die, myers detox protocol, Eng3, NanoVi, biohack, paleo fx, Paleo f(x)

Wendy Myers suggests adding NanoVi sessions to a detox protocol