The detox of heavy metals is a difficult and complex process, fortunately Wendy Myers has personalized and effective solutions

Why does Wendy Myers, one of the country’s foremost detox specialists, turn to NanoVi? Because detoxification involves much more than just getting the heavy metals out, it requires cellular repair and the restoration of healthy cellular functions.

Wendy Myers discusses the recovery aspect of detox and other issues in a recent podcast. Hans Eng and Rowena Gates were interviewed by Wendy on her Live to 110 podcast. She created Live to 110 to help spread information about detoxification and other health practices necessary for living a long and healthy life.

Wendy Myers is an outstanding voice in the field of natural healing and detoxification. After her father was failed by modern medicine, Wendy Myers decided to investigate alternative forms of healthcare. She founded MyersDETOX™ to