Katie Wells provides invaluable advice for helping any mother become a Wellness Mama

Katie Well’s determination to improve the health and longevity of the next generation has earned her the title of the Wellness Mama. As a mother of 6 with a curious mind and talent for sharing what she has learned, she is especially well qualified for the role. Much of Katie’s work focuses on avoiding exposure to harmful toxins, including what people put in and on their bodies. In her ongoing pursuit of the best ways to support health and vitality, Katie saw the need to reverse cellular damage that couldn’t be avoided. For this she turned to NanoVi.

Our kids face many sources of cellular damage in today’s world and I’m so excited to finally have a way to help combat this!

From her Wellness Mama podcast with Rowena Gates, you’ll learn why NanoVi is the perfect complement to Katie’s advice on eating well and reducing exposure to toxins.

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Katie Wells has done a great deal to reduce oxidative stress. By adding the NanoVi to her daily routine, she gets help repairing oxidative stress damage (the damage that couldn’t be avoided). Below are the benefits she noticed, including deeper sleep, more stamina, and increased mental clarity, as well as helping her to detox.

  • Deeper sleep — because at night and when we sleep, our nervous system shifts into sympathetic mode. Stress and excessive stimulation from things like blue light disrupt this, but using the NanoVi™ can help shift your nervous system, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation that is very helpful for sleep.
  • Natural detox — having done so many things for my health over the years, I’m very sensitive to what detoxification and being “clean” feel like. I can absolutely say that using the NanoVi™ promotes a sense of feeling cleaner, more internally pure and — most importantly — this detox is gentle. It never takes me away from any of my responsibilities as a mother or business owner.
  • More stamina — being a busy mom AND working full-time can be downright exhausting! I’ve never been a big fan of stimulants, because I know what they do to your adrenals long-term. Luckily, the NanoVi™ seems to help me have more internal “resources” to get through the day without needing anything else beyond natural things like good, water, sunshine, etc.
  • Increased mental clarity — as we noted earlier, research shows that stress can create brain oxidation and mental fogginess. Of course, there are no “time outs” as a mother, you often have to keep going no matter how you feel. Since I’ve used the NanoVi™, I’ve noticed my mind is naturally more clear.

I use my NanoVi™ just about every day, and because the technology leverages natural elements like water and light to produce all the benefits (including DNA repair, help with inflammation and more)—there’s no downside to it at

Katie Wells, is on a mission to ensure that the next generation lives even longer than the current one. She was spurred to action a decade ago after the birth of her first son; while waiting in a doctor’s office, she opened a magazine and read, “For the first time in centuries, the current generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” Rather than simply accepting that her children would have a shorter lifespan than her, Katie decided to act. She became the Wellness Mama and began looking into healthier ways to live.

Katie hasn’t stopped at simply ensuring that her own children will have long lives, instead she’s shared what she has learned so that other parents can follow along and know that their own children will also live longer than they themselves will. Katie is the author of multiple books which contain the results of her years of research into healthy living. She covers how to remove dangerous chemicals from your house by replacing cleaning supplies with natural solutions, how to avoid applying untested chemicals directly to your skin by making your own safe and natural hygiene and beauty products, how to safely navigate a pregnancy in the modern world, and how to prepare foods that are not only delicious, but healthy too.

Even by following all of Katie’s advice however, it’s impossible to avoid all sources of cellular damage without entirely removing oneself from society and living off the grid in the forest. It is difficult to escape the physical and mental stress caused by daily life. That’s where the NanoVi comes in. The NanoVi helps to repair the damage caused by oxidative stress that cannot be avoided. Best of all, the NanoVi is easy to use for a busy woman like Katie.

I love how scientific and well-researched the NanoVi team is, and how they’ve created something truly life-changing. But perhaps what I love most is how every personal benefit I’ve experienced is achieved PASSIVELY. It couldn’t be any easier to use it while working, unwinding in front of a show or movie, or even while reading to your kids like I do. Look, if you’re like me, you’re expected to be “supermom” — and there are no days off. With NanoVi™, I have a tool that helps me be at my best and stay “super”… every single day.

By turning other mothers into Wellness Mamas, Katie Wells believes that lasting change can be achieved. Mothers have a major influence over the upbringing of children, and if the current generation of mothers cut harmful chemicals and foods out of their households, then the next generation will not only live longer and healthier but also follow their example, creating a happier and healthier world.

Katie Wells, Wellness Mama, Eng3, NanoVi

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Katie Wells, Wellness Mama, Eng3, NanoVi

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