Luc Montagnier, Gerald Pollack, and Hans Eng are all attending the Water Conference 2019.

Water Conference 2019 on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water is being held in Bad Soden, Germany. For years this conference has focused only on and drawn researchers and water enthusiasts from many disciplines. Italian researcher Roberto Germano explains it as follows:

“It is difficult to find an interdisciplinary conference that is so well organized, so open minded, so deep in every particular field: chemistry, biology, physics. I think it is very, very important.”

Roberto Germano is one of three presenters who are conducting research on the NanoVi™ device. His lab has verified the output of the device including the ordered water in the humidified airstream. He and his team have conducted numerous tests to evaluate the impact of NanoVi, which makes a measurable difference to the water.

Olga Yablonskaya and Vladimir Voeikov head a team that is doing ongoing research, studying how NanoVi influences the nature of water, damaged proteins (in vitro) and its impact on humans. At Water Conference 2019, Olga Yablonskaya presented results that used impedance spectroscopy, pH measurements, and dry droplets microscopy to evaluate the impact of NanoVi. All three types of testing showed that NanoVi has a significant impact. pH testing showed that the impact of NanoVi was distinguishable for as long as two days after treatment.

After getting excited about the science, Water Conference attendees are able to try the NanoVi device. Eng3’s German distribution partner, Biosa, is an event sponsor with NanoVi devices available for demonstration. Hans Eng is also on hand for more detailed conversations about NanoVi technology. The organizes of Water Conference 2019 invited Hans to chair sessions which kept him busy most of Sunday.

The Water Conference is an ideal meeting for advancing NanoVi technology. Researchers representing institutes and universities from all parts of the globe are in attendance and eager to advance water science. Previous Water Conferences lead to the NanoVi research that is currently coming to fruition and additional collaboration helps move NanoVi technology even farther ahead.