Simply put, the Sports Biometrics Conference is the #1 place to learn the best technologies and techniques sports science has to offer

Elite athletes and teams are out there to win. Although they are the ones we see on camera, top performance is rarely achieved without specialists in the background. Optimizing performance is multi-faceted so it often takes a whole team of experts. The Sports Biometrics Conference is the perfect place for these experts to gather and improve their game.Sports Biometrics Conference

The conference is designed for coaches, trainers, sports scientists, analysts, and exercise physiologists who are brought together with technologies that help improve recovery and performance. This is where NanoVi fits in – and it is a perfect meeting for demonstrating NanoVi because accelerating recovery and improving mental and physical performance are top priorities for this group. Other technologies that will be represented are complementary to NanoVi. Great examples are PEMF technology and Neurofeedback, both are often used in conjunction with NanoVi for even better outcomes.

Speakers present a wide range of topics. Performance improvement, conditioning and reconditioning, accelerating recovery, improving mental performance and other topics are covered. Top athletes use NanoVi for every one of these purposes, so we are excited to introduce the device in this forum.

Sports Biometrics Conference, Bill Knowles, Aaron Coutts, Lindsay Shaw, Keith Smithson

The Sports Biometrics conference brings world-renowned specialists together, including speakers Bill Knowles, Aaron Coutts, Lindsay Sha