The NanoVi™ is a favored biohacking tool of many of the speakers at the upcoming Paleo f(x) convention.

Eng3 will be attending Paleo f(x) for the second time next weekend. Paleo f(x) is a gathering of adherents of ancestral health, keto, functional medicine, and of course, Paleo. The three-day event is packed to the brim with speakers, including several NanoVi™ fans and friends of Eng3.

Paleo f(x), Ben GreenfieldOn Sunday, Ben Greenfield will be giving a talk called “Why You Don’t Need to Die When You’re Seventy”, which shares longevity techniques stemming from ancestral living and modern science that Ben Greenfield has personally tried. The talk is intended to provide the listeners with tactics they can implement in their daily life without wading through the thousands of pages of anti-aging advice that can be found online.
Paleo f(x), Dr. Daniel PompaDr. Daniel Pompa is participating in two panels of six speakers as well as giving his own talk. His first panel, on Friday, is titled “The Fix for Female Hormones Panel”, which looks at ways for women to use hormones to fight against fatigue. His Saturday panel is “The Biomarkers of Health, Wellness, and Optimization”, which discusses ways to assess your current level of health, so you can make a plan to lead yourself into the future. Dr. Pompa’s talk, also on Saturday, aims at ways women can use low carb diets to address the challenges of perimenopause, as well as thyroid and adrenal issues.
Dave Asprey, Paleo f(x) Dave Asprey will be speaking Friday morning about ways in which Paleo diets can be unknowingly derailed in his talk “When Wrong Animal Protein Breaks Paleo”. Immediately afterwards, he will be participating in a five-person panel of biohackers, who will be discussing the latest biohacking trends, and whether the rise in biohacking’s popularity is indicative of deeper issues with our species.
Paleo f(x) will be held from April 26th-28th at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. Registration is still open, and attendees will not only have access to the convention’s full lineup of speakers, but will also have the opportunity to test the NanoVi™, as well as other devices, on the exhibition floor.
Paleo f(x)

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