This summer, Nike is inviting the world’s most competitive athletes – and anyone else interested in a stronger body and mind – to Just Do It HQ in Los Angeles, California, for a holistic training lifestyle camp.

What does that mean, exactly?

That Nike wants to teach this generation’s athletes to go beyond traditional training – to use anything and everything they can to become better, faster, and stronger. The camp includes sessions in Training, Nutrition, Learning, Products, and Recovery. That last one, Recovery, is where NanoVi™ comes in.

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Nike’s Just Do It HQ is the ultimate summer destination for performance and recovery

We’re honored to say that NanoVi is a central part of the Nike Just Do It HQ’s recovery protocol. Upgrade Labs (a longtime partner of ours, formerly Bulletproof Labs) designed the recovery setup, and it features NanoVi as a way to help athletes push harder and repair faster.

Professional athletes have been using NanoVi for a while now. There’s Matt Boyd, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers:

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“I wouldn’t go anywhere without my NanoVi. I have tried other recovery machines and nothing gets me back to a game-ready state and keeps me strong like NanoVi. It is faster than anything I have used before. I recommend it to anyone, not just to athletes.”

And there’s Michael Gavronski, the boxing Super Middleweight Champion of North America:

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“I use the NanoVi to feel better mentally and physically. It is one of the most miraculous machines that I’ve had the pleasure of using. I recommending it for every athlete and also every workout facility. It is the best way to recover and repair. I highly recommend it.”

NanoVi is the future of recovery, and we’re grateful to Nike and Upgrade Labs for including us in their training camp. We hope to show a wide range of athletes, both professional and otherwise, how our technology can help you become stronger and more resilient.

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Athletes sign up for a summer of high performance at Just Do It HQ

Nike Just Do It HQ dates: 6/21/18 – 8/21/18

How to attend: Just sign up at Just Do It HQ. Anyone is welcome.

Try NanoVi: Find a NanoVi near you, or get your own personal device.

And if you go to the Nike training camp, be sure to give NanoVi a try. You’ll find it in the Recovery area.

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Just Do It HQ, Eng3, NanoVi, Biohack, biohacking, recovery, Nike, Nike training camp,

NanoVi at Nike’s Just Do It HQ in Upgrade Lab’s recovery center

Nike Just Do It HQ, Just Do It HQ, Just Do It, Nike, Eng3, NanoVi, Upgrade Labs, biohack, recovery, Todd Gurley

Nike Athlete Todd Gurley, Running Back for the LA Rams

Nike Just Do It HQ, Just Do It HQ, Just Do It, Nike, Eng3, NanoVi, Upgrade Labs, biohack, recovery, Laurie Hernandez

Nike athlete Laurie Hernandez, 2 Olympic Medals in gymnastics

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Other high performance NanoVi users include the J2-Racing team

NanoVi, Eng3, Just Do It HQ, Just Do It, Nike, Nike Training Camp, recovery, biohacking

Find NanoVi in the recovery center of Just Do It HQ