Because NanoVi™ is one of the best ways to support people with Lyme and its co-infections and is a valuable addition to Lyme protocols

Hans Eng, Eng3’s CEO and the mastermind behind NanoVi technology, will explain why protein folding is so important to Lyme recovery (and health in general). His presentation uses images and animation to help describe how NanoVi can support protein folding and improve overall cellular activity. Stronger protein function results in a range of benefits for people with Lyme; most importantly NanoVi is used to:

  1.      Improves modulation of the immune system
  2.      Makes the inflammatory process more effective
  3.      Improves mitochondrial efficiency
  4.      Reduces DNA damage

Because ongoing use is best, people with Lyme often get their own NanoVi device for home use. NanoVi sessions are also offered at leading Lyme treatment centers. One highly regarded Lyme specialist comments as follows:

“Along with treating chronic diseases, my specialty has been Lyme disease since 2001. Many of my patients have a high level of anxiety. Temporary relief of this symptom is noticeable after a single NanoVi treatment. Other common patient reports are improved cognition and more energy.

Most, if not all patients could benefit from using the NanoVi device in their doctor’s office. Thank you, Dr. Klinghardt for introducing NanoVi to me.”

Donna Zaken, Adult Health Nurse Practitioner

Donna Zaken, like many practitioners, has received advanced training on the treatment of Lyme and other disorders at the Klinghardt Academy. Dr. Klinghardt is a pioneer in developing effective Lyme protocols. He is also one of the first practitioners to recognize the value of Eng3’s technology, having used it since 2004. Dr. Klinghardt and his staff offer NanoVi sessions in his clinic where it is included in his Lyme protocol and other protocols.

Hans’ presentation on use of the NanoVi device for Lyme