March 18, 2017

Lance Lee Davis, comments on the NanoVi™ device for freediving and spearfishing recovery

Lance Lee Davis is a competitive freediver and spearfisherman as well as a licensed diving trainer based in Los Angeles. His lifelong love of the ocean and dedication to training have garnered him much recognition at national freediving (known as apnea diving) competitions as well as a Guinness World Record, ‘Most Consecutive Underwater Somersaults on a Single Breath’. This year Lance’s 72 meter dive in Kona surpassed the US Men’s National constant no fins record, and in practice since then, he has repeatedly broken his own record. It is unlikely the competitive freediving world has seen the limits of his potential as Lance Lee Davis continues to advance on more records.​

Freedivers hold their breath while diving (apnea). Oxidative stress is an issue for freedivers when they resurface, take their first breath and their oxygen-deprived cells are flooded with oxygen. Since so much oxygen is metabolized, there is a corresponding burst of free radical damage.

Besides this oxidative stress, freedivers are subject to a buildup of lactate that can affect their ability to train and take subsequent dives. Lance was fully aware of the importance of lactate when he was introduced to NanoVi™. Since university research had shown 17% less blood lactate in athletes using NanoVi™, trying the device with freediving made perfect sense. Lactate reduction and faster recovery are both critical to apnea diving and spearfishing, so NanoVi™ is a great fit.

Lance Lee Davis Pro Free Diver and Spear Fisher

Based on the preliminary testing I did on diving recovery, the NanoVi holds a lot of promise. Several times, I did hard apnea workouts for 2-3 days in a row and I expected a performance fall off on the 3rd day which did not happen. I also used the NanoVi after injuring my back and I felt much better the next day. I was grateful for the opportunity to utilize the NanoVi for diving recovery. It is an exciting piece of technology.
Lance Lee Davis

Free divers practicing apnea diving

Freedivers practicing


A Free Diver's going into a state of apnea while spear fishing.

Apnea diver spearfishing