Hans explores the topic of EZ-Water with Boomer Anderson on the Decoding Superhuman Podcast

Boomer’s interview with Hans focused on how oxidative stress damage is mitigated by Exclusion Zone Water (EZ-Water), also known as the Fourth Phase of Water or ordered water. Their discussions ranged from the uses of the NanoVi to Eng3’s relationship with Dr. Pollack, to the discovery of EZ or ‘ordered’ water. Listen to the podcast through our IG url and visit decodingsuperhuman.com to learn about new and cutting-edge technology so you too can work towards becoming superhuman.

This podcast is part of a site that Boomer also runs, Decoding Superhuman, a site dedicated to using epigenetics and a systems approach to create individualized health plans. This is accomplished by looking at all aspects of a person’s health, their sleep, stress, environment, and more, and then tailoring their lifestyle to their genetic code, avoiding foods that will cause discomfort, and adopting activities, such as meditation and exercise, that will lead to positive gene expression. Such lifestyle optimizations lead to improved health and higher performance.

In addition to providing insightful podcasts, Boomer is a health consultant and specialist in epigenetics. His consultancy, Decoding Superhuman, was formed last year and takes a systems approach. Genetics and epigenetics are used to identify opportunities for improved health and performance. His podcast is designed for high performing working professionals who often struggle with stress, focus, and sleep. Each week, Boomer Anderson interviews experts on various health topics. He seeks out the best tools, technologies, tips, and techniques to help his listeners improve performance in work and life. The NanoVi device fits right in with what Boomer is trying to accomplish through Decoding Superhuman.

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Decoding Superhuman, using Epigenetics and a Systems Approach to improve health and performance

Bob Troia, Boomer Anderson, NanoVi, Eng3, Paleo f(x), Paleo fx, Decoding Superhuman, epigenetics, systems approach, ez-water, ez water, exclusion zone water, fourth phase of water

Boomer Anderson with Bob Troia and a NanoVi at Paleo f(x)