Hans Discusses EZ-Water on the Flowgrade Podcast

Have you ever wondered what EZ-Water is? If you’d like this question answered, then this podcast may be right for you. Hans Eng recently appeared on the Flowgrade podcast to talk about the properties of EZ-Water (Exclusion Zone Water), and its role in protein folding and mitochondrial function. EZ-Water is a fourth state of water, in which water is gel-like and assumes an ordered structure. EZ-Water is essential for cell functionality, when cells do not have enough EZ-Water they cannot communicate with each other properly, leading to chronic inflammation and cognitive problems. NanoVi™ helps by delivering EZ-Water in the form of water vapor directly to the body, boosting cellular performance and mitigating cell damage.

The Podcast can be found below. Unfortunately it is only available in German, but some highlights of the podcast can be found just beneath it.


09:30 – If our proteins are damaged by free radicals, then their function is impaired, and something does not work. A good young body can repair these things, and restore the proteins so that they function again.

11:00 – We have a lot of damage to proteins that we cannot observe. We know that. But what is necessary to repair a protein?

14:50 – We are trying to increase the amount of the EZ-Water on the proteins, to affect all proteins and support the protein folding.

16:30 – You cannot make turn all the water in a glass into EZ-Water. EZ-Water is always in a relatively small area, which is located on the surface of droplets.

16:55 – Clouds are made of EZ-Water.

51:30 – We often see a rapid shift from high performance to a disease state. Why? Because disease prevention and performance always depend on the amount of oxidative stress. Someone who metabolized a lot of oxygen because he needs a lot of cellular energy produces a lot of oxidative stress and thereby strains the body.

52:30 – Thinking intensely all day, every day, is like running a marathon every day. You see the effect after a long time, you see burn-out.

59:45 – When I have a lot to repair in my body, the vegetative nervous system strikes and makes us tired. We should sleep so that our energy for the biochemical processes necessary for repairing will not be wasted for seeing and hearing. If you got tired, that was a sign that there was something to fix.

Flowgrade was created by Max Gotzler to help people reach the optimal state to achieve flow. As Flowgrade describes it, flow is a state in which everything clicks, and you get completely lost in a task for hours at a time, making people far more capable than they normally are. Unfortunately, entering a state of flow is difficult and unpredictable. To that end, Max Gotzler invites people such as Hans to his podcast to discuss biohacks, such as using the NanoVi to deliver EZ-water to the body. By employing such biohacks, Flowgrade helps people tailor their routines to maximize the chances of entering a state of flow.

For our European followers, Flowgrade will be hosting a convention on July 7th in Munich, Germany. The convention, called Flowfest, will be bringing together experts in nutrition, functional fitness, psychology, neurofeedback, photobiology, and cold therapy. This will be the second Flowfest, following the resounding success of the first Flowfest in Berlin in 2017.

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Max Gotzler, the founder of Flowgrade

Flowfest, Flowfest 2018, Munich, NanoVi, Eng3, Biohack, Hans Eng, Max Gotzler, Flowgrade, EZ-Water, EZ Water, Exclusion zone water,

Flowfest will be held in Munich on July 7th