Andrei Rosu is a great person and a remarkable athlete with a world record and success in some of endurance sport’s most challenging events

If you are interested in endurance sports and haven’t heard of Andrei Rosu, you must not be Romanian. If you were, you would remember him as a singer in Romania’s first hugely popular boy band. An unusual start for an endurance athlete. After music he switched to banking and a sedentary lifestyle. With the birth of his son in 2008, Andrei decided to be a better role model and started to challenge himself. What he has accomplished in less than 10 years is truly remarkable.

Andrei Rosu in the 6633 Arctic Ultra - one of the toughest extreme ultra marathons

Andrei Rosu in the 6633 Arctic Ultra – one of the toughest extreme ultra marathons

Andrei started using NanoVi in early 2016 to help recover after training and competition. It takes time to bounce back after any extreme endurance event so Andrei was happy to have NanoVi to help him recover from a 6633 Arctic Ultra and a Deca Ultra Marathon, which is the subject of another post. Here are just a few of Andrei Rosu’s highlights (leaving out the boy band).

  • 2016: At the Swissultra Andrei Rosu finished a Deca Ultra Marathon. This means he did one Ironman-distance race each day for 10 consecutive days. The race totals 38 km swimming, 1800 km cycling, and 422 km running. To put than in miles that is a totals are about 24 miles of swimming, 1,118 miles cycling, and 262 miles running. That type of endurance is enough to earn a nod from any Ironman type athlete.
  • 2016: 6633 Arctic Ultra race description says it all, “As one of the most respected extreme ultra marathons, the 6633 Arctic Ultra is regarded by many as the toughest, coldest, windiest ultra distance footrace on the planet.” Andrei raced 350 miles, finishing in Tuktoyaktuk on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. Competing in this race means you carry or pull on sleds all your own gear including food, cooking items, clothing, sleeping kit and other safety gear.
  • 2015: The Arc2Arch is a solo ultra-triathlon race starting at the Marble Arch in London and ending at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It involves 140-kilometer of running, from London to Dover, swimming more than 34 kilometers across the English Channel, and biking 290-kilometers from Calais to Paris. With the swim, Andrie was the first Romanian to swim the English Channel.
  • 2012: Andrei Rosu earned a world record for completing seven marathons and seven ultra-marathons on seven continents, in less than two years. Of course Antarctica is on the list so there were also some extreme conditions involved. This feat also landed Andrei Rosu in the Guinness Book or World Records.

Please note that Andrei Rosu’s accomplishments prior to 2016 precede the use of NanoVi. Now that he uses it, he expects to enjoy endurance events longer and stay stronger. According to Andrei, faster recovery with NanoVi has helped him reduce his Ironman time by an hour.

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Andrei riding strong at the Swissultra Deca Ultra Triathlon

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Andrei Rosu at Arc2Arch – First Romanian to swim the English Channel – a feat that very few people have accomplished

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Andrei Rosu – Certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records – fastest time to run a marathon and ultra marthon on each contient: 1 year and 217 days