Stem cell treatments are administered by medical professionals, with the exception of Ben Greenfield who is biohacking with stem cells

Great to see Ben Greenfield featured in a Men’s Health video. He is using stem cells – by that I mean he himself is injecting them to biohack his health. While Eng3 would never advocate injecting your own stem cells, we are thrilled to catch a glimpse of the NanoVi™ device in several places in the video. Before you get too excited, please know that it is not exactly a cameo appearance for NanoVi although you can see it in the image below. But the important thing is that Ben is a dedicated NanoVi user and it is a big advantage for biohacking with stem cells.

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Stem cell doctors (the folks who normally administer the treatment) report that they get much better results when they both pretreat and post treat with NanoVi. The combined results are outstanding and an excellent way to get every advantage from a stem cell treatment. In fact, one Ph.D. Neurobiologist believes that stem cell recruitment is the reason that NanoVi technology accomplishes the many wellness effects seen in the independent studies, physician’s reports, and patient testimonials. Not just a great biohack, NanoVi is part of the protocol for many leading stem cell doctors. Credit goes to Ben Greenfield for combining stem cells with NanoVi, he is onto a good thing.

Because of the ‘NanoVi bump’ for stem cells, Eng3 was invited to demonstrate the technology to stem cell doctors at a regenerative medicine conference in the Bahamas. Associated with the conference was a tour of an advance stem cell clinic. The images on the right show an operating room used for cardiac stem cell procedures. Of course, biohackers like Ben Greenfield wouldn’t need this kind of stem cell intervention. Cardiac procedures are aimed at repairing the heart while the whole point of biohacking is to stay healthy to avoid such problems. While the Men’s Health video shows it is possible, it is unlikely that people will be self-administering when biohacking with stem cells.

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Ben using the NanoVi™ to biohack during his training

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Advanced stem cell clinic – Bahamas