Not really. We are so grateful to each of them for going on the record about the benefits of their NanoVi Exo devices.

In the video below you see talking heads for only a few seconds, then you can enjoy what Matt Boyd, Shane Greene, John Shoffner, and Janine Hill have to say about using the NanoVi device for recovery, physical and mental performance.

Both Matt Boyd and Shane Greene are major league pitchers facing a long and intense baseball season. This video reflects only a small amount of the footage they shot with us at spring training earlier this year. Their contributions are much appreciated. It is especially exciting to see how both Shane and Matt are making headlines in 2019. As a ‘closer’ Shane faces extra pressure with no room for errors in the last inning(s) of the game. He has clearly figured out a winning formula, coming on the field strong and focused (and winning) day after day. Matt is a starting pitcher who must stay strong and focused for up to 100 pitches. He does it all, multiple pitches and lots of speed make him a strikeout master. Matt Boyd and Shane Green’s talent, dedication, and focus make them top performers and we are delighted to have NanoVi help them out on the repair and regeneration side of things.

John Shoffner and Janine Hill of J2 racing are equally impressive. Racing at the top level on the Nürburgring (considered the toughest track in the world) is remarkable in its own right. Then factor in that John and Janine have been driving for only 6 years and race against drivers half, even one third, of their age – these two scream “high performance” by anyone’s standards. The mental concentration required by endurance race car drivers rivals any executive function. They make a life-important decision every 1 to 1.5 seconds and maintain that level of focus for an hour or more at a time. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to visit John Shoffner and Janine Hill in Germany for the unveiling of their new AMG Mercedes cars. We are happy to see the Eng3 logo on their cars and will be cheering for J2 all season. They have already posted one win, shown in the video, so they are off to an excellent start.

Video Transcript:

Rowena Gates:
My name’s Rowena Gates and I’m a partner at Eng3 Corporation, with Hans Eng. The NanoVi device works by influencing cellular water and we do this in order to support protein activity. And in the body, it is the proteins that do all the work and all of the repair of damage.

Hans Eng:
NanoVi is great for performance recover because it is designed to repair and to regenerate damages. Faster regeneration, faster recovery, faster bouncing back and being back in the game.

Matthew Boyd:
So, I started using the NanoVi at Athletic Training Institute after a bone chip removal as well as a microfracture surgery that I had. The machine was in there, I started using it as part of my recovery protocol and I recovered from that in half the time. Actually, I have been very fortunate in that I have never been on the disabled list and haven’t missed any time due to injuries. I am very grateful for that. It has to do with my recovery, the way I recover and the way I train. Part of the way I recover is the NanoVi machine and it is a huge reason why I have been able to be on the field day in and day out and compete.

Matthew Boyd:
For those athletes out there, who want to take their game to the next level, it’s great for recovery, it’s great for rehabbing and it is great for just feeling good day in and day out without the general fatigue that comes with a season and performing every single day.

Rowena Gates:
It optimizes performance, both mental and physical, it improves wellness and the overall sense of health and vitality.

Janine Hill:
My name is Janine Hill, I race for J2 Racing AMG Mercedes, SP9 Class VLN series in Germany. The NanoVi helps us stay on track, sharp minds, sharp bodies.

John Shoffner:
It’s simply a physiological fact that the harder you work, the harder you train, the more stress you put yourself under – which is a result of that – the more potential damage that’s created and you simply must have a mechanism to protect yourself from that and to drive regeneration and repair and the NanoVi absolutely does that.

Shane Greene:
So I found out about the NanoVi from a couple teammates, Matthew Boyd and Nicholas Castellanos, I know Boyd’s been using it for a few years now and he’s pretty religious with it, tells everybody about it. He basically forced me to come to his hotel room one night to use it and I used it and I slept like a baby and I woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. I love this thing, it’s the only thing in the world I bring with me everywhere I go, well besides my toothbrush.

Matt Boyd

Matthew Boyd, MLB starting pitcher and wonderful NanoVi™ advocate

Shane Greene

Shane Greene, NLB closing pitcher stays ready to play everyday

J2 Racing, John Shoffner

John Shoffner, winning driver against a young aggressive field

J2 Racing, Janine Hill

Janine Hill, often the fastest woman on the Nürburgring