Luke Storey, host of the podcast The Life Stylist, adds the NanoVi to his program for achieving optimal health and features NanoVi in his podcast

Luke Storey has spent the past 21 years seeking out the best ancient and modern methods for achieving optimal health and wellness. He doesn’t merely seek out methods for obtaining optimal health for his own use; instead he disseminates his discoveries through his website, youtube channel, and his podcast, The Life Stylist. Luke has interviewed many prominent guests in the fields of biohacking, health, and personal development, including Jack Kruse, JP Sears, and David Wolfe. Some of his guests will also be familiar to readers of this blog, such as Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, and Ben Greenfield of bengreenfieldfitness. Hans Eng and Rowena Gates are in good company being interviewed on Luke’s Life Stylist podcast.

Formerly a Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Stylist, now a life stylist, Luke Storey decided to develop the ultimate lifestyle, using himself as a human research lab. Luke Storey has personally tested a wide variety of sometimes dangerous techniques, treatments, and technologies, such as injecting himself with poisonous Amazonian frog venom, in order to discover what works and what doesn’t. He believes in attaining optimal health without forgoing the conveniences of a modern lifestyle, rather than advocating an escape from cities to nature he works to find out how we can live a healthy life in our modern society.

After spending 22 years researching and trying just about every health fad and biohacking device, I was thrilled to find the NanoVi. A huge part of my health strategy is working with the healthiest waters on the planet. After a lot of research into the mysterious substance, we call water; I finally settled on the ultimate goal of being getting EZ or exclusion zone water into the body. Eng3 has discovered a more effective way to do this using their cutting-edge technology, in a speedy, and user-friendly manner.

Luke also provides personalized one-on-one lifestyle coaching to help people reach optimal health. At Dave Asprey’s 5th Annual Bulletproof Conference Luke discovered the NanoVi™, and by his own admission, after the first 15-minute session, he was hooked.

After a period of research Luke was keen to get a NanoVi™ for himself, and immediately put it to the test. Luke started regularly using the NanoVi™ shortly after undergoing an invasive surgery and discovered that his expected weeks of recovery was shortened to mere days. The NanoVi™ is thus now part of Luke’s arsenal of wellness tools for promoting optimal health.

“The NanoVi is amazing because it so effectively supports your health and overall energy and stress recovery, but you can use it while engaged in another activity. My favorite biohacks are the ones that work, and that can be ‘stacked’ in multi-use sessions. I use my unit every single day while I sit and meditate. Two birds, one stone.”

Eng3, NanoVi, Luke Storey, Lifestyle, Lifestylist, Biohacking, life stylist

Luke Storey multitasking with the NanoVi

Luke Storey, Eng3, NanoVi, Bulletproof Conference, Dave Asprey, Biohacking, lifetyle, lifestylist, life stylist

Luke Storey, using the NanoVi for the first time at the 5th annual Bulletproof Conference

Luke Storey, Paleo f(x), Paleo, Keto, Paleo Lifestyle, NanoVi, Eng3, Holistic Wellness, Lifestylist, Lifestyle, life stylist

Luke Storey brings 21 years of experience to developing the ultimate lifestyle as a life stylist