RAADfest was the Number One 2019 life extension conference, mixing interest in the future of life extension with practical applications from technology and medicine that are available today.

RAAD Festival 2019 logo

The 2019 version of RAADfest, held at the Westgate Las Vegas resort in early October, was full of new and exciting material, with thousands in attendance and dozens of interesting speakers. RAADfest is the perfect place to meet top notch experts in the field as well as plenty of enthusiastic people focused on vitality and longevity. Thought-provoking material about where the field of life extension is headed was on full display. Of tremendous interest to us, of course, were the techniques and technologies being used for life extension right now!

Eng3 took part as a sponsor and Rowena Gates spoke about NanoVi technology. Her talk entitled “How Endurance Race Car Drivers in their 60s Win in One of the World’s Most Mentally Demanding Sports” was a great fit for the conference. Rowena told the story of how this highly successful endurance racing team relies on the NanoVi device to help them bounce back faster and stay sharp. A big part of this year’s RAADfest was the exploration of what more we can do to support our brains today—as well as hints of great things to come. Ray Kurzweil has talked before about the “singularity” when human brains and technology can be melded together. In theory, and in the distant future, immortality could come from developments like singularity. Fortunately, there is a lot we can do right now.