The International Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium Featured Hans Eng to Learn How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Used with NanoVi™ Technology

HBOT 2019 hyperbaric oxygen therapy conference Look Who's coming banner, 27 portraits are displayed, including Hans Eng. Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium, September 27th, 28th, and 29th in Charleston, South Carolina

This year’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy conference once again brought together many disciplines and researchers focused on some of today’s most challenging medical issues. Oxygen therapies used synergistically with other technologies are showing promise in many otherwise intractable areas of health. Because of the benefits of combining therapies, this year’s international hyperbaric conference featured complementary technologies in addition to hyperbarics.

The basic HBOT premise of pressing oxygen into the system dovetails perfectly with Eng3’s approach to improving cellular activity. Hyperbaric O2 can reach otherwise oxygen-starved areas and “turn on” under-utilized systems to get improved results. Eng3’s NanoVi device is often adopted by HBOT centers to improve cellular oxygen utilization to accelerate repair and regeneration.

Eng3’s CEO Hans Eng gave a CME-qualified talk about the role of “ordered water” in cellular function, looking at how ordered water is beneficial in combination with hyperbaric treatments. When either ordered water or oxygen is present in abundance cellular repair is accelerated so combining these therapies further enhances recovery possibilities.

Hans spoke at length abou