How do I Biohack weight loss you may ask? it is not just a matter of pounds, success also means increasing lean muscle mass, eliminating toxins, and reducing inflammation

Fortunately, we have moved well beyond the idea that weight gain or obesity is simply a matter of self-control, diet, and exercise – with the occasional person who could point to hormone issues as the source of the problem. We now acknowledge that a whole host of complex factors come into play. Some of the main challenges of weight loss, as well as the rational for using NanoVi™ to address them, are outlined in more detail. Topics include oxidative stress and inflammation, toxicity and detoxification, the health of the gut, energy levels, and the roll of antioxidants. Click below for the full post on how to biohack weight loss.

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Oxidative stress and inflammation play fundamental roles in weight gain or loss. These factors are involved in every aspect of this discussion. Oxidative damage reduces lean body mass by contributing to degradation in muscle protein functions. Reducing oxidative damage supports the increase in lean muscle mass. For this reason, even people who are fit and maintain a normal weight, report improvements in lean muscle mass when they include NanoVi sessions in their routine.

It is important to keep in mind that oxidative stress and the acute inflammation it causes, are essential to good health. The inflammatory process relies on oxidative stress to kill pathogens, beat back infections and wipe out faulty cells (like Cancer cells). However, inflammation can also be chronic and unproductive. In this situation there is too much oxidative stress and it is damaging. Unproductive inflammation sabotages every system in the body; it underlies autoimmune disease and is implicated in almost every chronic illness. Chronic inflammation sabotages health including the ability to maintain a healthy weight. For this reason, addressing inflammation is one of the first steps for anyone trying to biohack their health, optimize their weight or improve lean muscle mass.

Toxicity and Detoxification

Toxins spur free radical production. They are around, on, and in us. Toxins promote aging and the retention of both weight and fat cells. Toxins also contribute to oxidative stress, promote chronic inflammation, and impede proper cellular functions. For these reasons, most spas and wellness centers offer services directed at detoxification. It is not surprising that clients seek out these services.

While the value of detoxification is indisputable, the process of detoxification can put a great deal of stress on the system and should be managed with care. NanoVi contributes in two important ways:

  1. facilitate the detoxification process – improving cellular activity helps the body release and eliminate toxins
  2. increase cell energy production – supporting the body during the demanding detoxification process is essential to avoid depletion

It is well understood that persistent weight challenges are associated with toxicity. According to nutritionist Louise Gittleman, the more toxic the body becomes the harder it is to lose weight and keep it off. She makes her thoughts on the subject clear in her Fast Track Detox Diet book:

“Of course, living in a toxic world is probably our biggest single obstacle to losing weight…When our bodies are assaulted by so many pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, and environmental pollutants, that’s bad for our health of course –but it also makes it much harder to lose weight and keep it off.”
-Louise Gittleman, Fast Track Detox Diet, 2006.

Since Gittleman published this, there has been huge progress in understanding why toxins make weight loss so difficult. Much of it comes down to the gut and the inflammation toxins create.

A Healthy Gut Promotes Healthy Weight

Dr. Zack Bush has made a huge contribution to gut health by drawing our attention to the damage done by glyphosate (active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup). He has developed methods and products that help people restore their gut and regain health, including establishing and maintaining a healthy weight. Likewise, Dr. Mark Hyman has taken a leading role in drawing our attention to toxicity associated with the oils that we eat. Inflammatory omega 6 fats foster the growth of bad bugs while good bugs thrive when fed by the anti-inflammatory omega 3s. Toxic oils are used because they are cheap, even though they are known to undermine gut health.

The gastrointestinal track is a major source of oxidative stress. Too much oxidative stress can diminish the gut barrier, leading to leaky gut and a host of other inflammatory conditions including autoimmune diseases. The NanoVi device is used to bring the gut back to a healthy state by reducing oxidative stress damage.

It is well understood that poor gut health is an important factor in weight loss resistance, as well as autoimmune disease, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome and a host of other conditions. Donna Gates, author of the Body Ecology Diet, has been a champion of gut health for more than two decades. She advocates for the NanoVi device as a way to promote gut health and healthy weight. She describes NanoVi as:

“A valuable healing and anti-aging tool that can help strengthen your immune system and accelerate recovery from illness. It is also a great way to create energy.”
-Donna Gates: The Baby Boomer Diet, 2011

Energy Levels

Any work done by the body requires energy. Both the detoxification process and weight loss can put a real strain on the system. Restricted calorie diets, in particular, can sap energy and even interfere with day-to-day function. The NanoVi™ device is used in conjunction with weight loss programs for extra energy. A good example of this came from an MD whose patients were following a calorie-restricted diet combined with an exercise program. He found that clients struggled with low energy levels when the NanoVi was not used as part of the program.

One reason people feel more energetic when they use the NanoVi device is that it helps balance the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Improvements in the ANS are noticeable as reductions in stress and better sleep – both of which result in feeling more energy and a sense of vitality. These advantages of NanoVi is easily verified with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing. Improved HRV also shows that people bounce back better after exertion when they incorporate the NanoVi as part of their exercise routine. This makes it easier to exercise, which also contributes to healthy weight loss. Improvements in energy levels, performance, and lean muscle mass, explain why so many young healthy people adopt NanoVi technology as part of their biohacking toolkit.

The Tricky Roles of Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress

Whereas years ago, the standard advice was to load up on antioxidants, by now, the scientific evidence is clear – you need an appropriate number of antioxidants. Too few and you don’t neutralize enough free radicals, too many and you disrupt important cellular activities. In 2009 a study by Dr. Michael Rostow showed that vitamins C and E blunted insulin sensitivity. Similarly, Dr. Goran Paulsen, in 2014, suggest that these same vitamins inhibit mitochondrial proteins that are important to muscular endurance.

Leading nutrition researcher, Alan Aragon, explains how the overuse of antioxidants after exercise could interfere with weight loss. He reminds us that oxidative stress is not only damaging but also plays some important beneficial roles. He suggests that supplementation with antioxidants after exercise can undermine the benefits of the oxidative stress that is caused by exercise. The oxidative stress could otherwise initiate weight loss and improve insulin sensitivity.

When it comes to the beneficial role of oxidative stress, it is helpful to know a little more about how NanoVi works. In short, NanoVi emits precisely the same signal as the beneficial oxidative stress. This signal is known to improve cellular repair, support gut health and detoxification, and improve energy levels – even if the system has been flooded with too many antioxidants. This specific signal influences the cellular water and a humid airstream delivers NanoVi-enhanced water droplets to the user through inhalation.

“I have been using the NanoVi device as an adjunct in my weight loss practice for the past 6 months. The results have exceeded my expectations. The patients are seeing their weight come off easily and they feel relaxed and calm as well. The best part is that there are absolutely no unwanted side effects. I purchased additional machines for both myself and my parents.
– David Jeyaraj, MD”

“The last 6 months I have seen big changes in my muscle structure and my BMI. I have actually seen my 6 pack start to show which I have not seen for about 34 years. Everything is all connected in terms of success and I do give credit to my NanoVi™ for aiding in this success.”
– Frank Woodson, LMT

“The NanoVi is a success with our staff too. Our office manager, who has had long-standing issues with fatigue, noticed from the first NanoVi session that her energy returned and that she was sleeping better. She has since reported that her metabolism has improved, and she has been losing weight.”
– D. Docken, Hyperbaric Center Owner

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Bob Troia, Quantified Bob, NanoVi™, IHS, Biohack Weight Loss

“I have several friends with higher percentages of body fat who have come over to use the NanoVi a few times a week and over the course of a month they began to experience even more dramatic improvements to body composition, again with no apparent changes to diet or activity level.

It appears that by lowering oxidative stress, repairing cellular damage, and improving mitochondria function, NanoVi allows the body to metabolize more fatty acids, which in turn lower body fat levels.”
– Bob Troia, Biohacker and Quantification Expert