Integrative physicians attending The Forum for Integrative Medicine are some of the longest and strongest advocates of using the NanoVi™ device for repair and regeneration

Forum for Integrative Medicine, TFIM

The NanoVi™ will be demonstrated to a wide range of health practitioners at the 4th annual conference of The Forum for Integrative Medicine. This is a group of health professionals who fully understand the role of oxidative stress in the processes of aging and chronic disease. There is increasing awareness of the role of protein folding in cellular function and a strong interest in supporting the body so it can heal itself. In other words, TFIM is a perfect venue for NanoVi.

Among the many topics of the conference are detoxification and chronic inflammation, NanoVi is widely used in both areas. Improving the body’s inflammatory response is an important general use for NanoVi and a controlled study has verified effectiveness. Practitioners such as Wendy Myers have added the NanoVi to their detoxification protocols due to the excellent support it provides to people recovering from the impact of toxicity. The NanoVi works by supporting protein folding (thus function) so the body can repair and regenerate.

The Forum for Integrative Medicine, or TFIM, was founded by Susan McCamish and Scott Forsgren to provide a space for practitioners from multiple backgrounds to come together and share ideas to advance our understanding of chronic illness and find practical ways to address various conditions.

Susan McCamish, TFIM, The Forum for Integrative MedicineSusan McCamish has spent more than 25 years developing natural herbal remedies to address chronic illnesses and is a Board-Certified Naturopath and Certified Nutritional Consultant.

Scott Forsgren, TFIM, The Forum for Integrative MedicineScott Forsgren is a health coach, blogger, and podcaster, who fought his way back to health after a 20-year struggle with Lyme disease and mold illness. Scott is the cofounder of TFIM and the founder of where he aims to help others fight chronic illnesses by sharing his experiences.

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