Hans Eng spoke about how the NanoVi™ contributes to cellular function at Flowfest in Munich

At Flowfest, Hans had the honor of getting to know inspiring people from all over Europe and beyond. There is a great energy that comes from bringing together technical people, thought leaders, wellness practitioners, and all kinds of people who dream of a better future for themselves, the planet, and humanity.


Many of the world’s leading specialists on the influence that light, water and electromagnetism have on humans came together at Flowfest in Munich. Hans Eng spoke about water and its important role in protein folding and cellular function and how NanoVi technology contributes to it. Hans’ presentation was in German, at the organizer’s request, so we will not republish it here. Regardless of language, Flowfest was a great opportunity to meet with other scientists and engineers interested in improving wellness and performance with approaches that embrace the way the body works, rather than overriding it.

Flowfest, Flowgrade, Max GotzlerThe person behind Flowfest and Flowgrade is Max Gotzler. He is an author, speaker and host of a podcast related to achieving a state of flow. When in flow, people perform their best. They have just the right combination of tension and relaxation to present the best version of themselves. Max Gotzler is widely recognized as a thought leader and teacher for achieving the flow state. Max interviewed Hans Eng about the NanoVi on his podcast some time ago. Like the Flowfest presentation, it was in German.

Boomer Anderson is another influential biohacker who spoke at Flowfest. His podcast Decoding Superhuman focuses on sustainable high-performance and has a wide reach. Boomer did a podcast with Hans in English, early in his Decoding Superhuman series. Recently, Boomer has interviewed another Flowfest participant and biohacking leader, Tim Gray, on his Decoding Superhuman podcast. Tim Gray is the moving force behind the 2019 Health Optimization Summit in London. Flowfest provided the perfect platform for Tim and Hans to share insights into optimizing health and performance. Hans also had the chance to reconnect with Corinna Maier who invited Hans to present in the Self-Optimization Summit she organized earlier this year. Flowfest is definitely a premier European event for re-establishing old connections and making new ones.

Biosa, Eng3’s German distributor exhibited at Flowfest and gave participants lots of opportunities to try the NanoVi device. A range of biohacking exhibitors rounded out the event. Congratulations to Max Gotzler for the success of Flowfest 2019, we look forward to another great meeting next year.

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Tim Gray, Health Optimization Summit, Hans Eng

Tim Gray organizer of the Health Optimization Summit, with Hans Eng

Boomer Anderson, Hans Eng, Decoding Superhuman

Boomer Anderson host of Decoding Superhuman, smiles for a selfie with Hans

Corinna Maier, Self-Optimization Summit, Hans Eng

Corinna Maier, the woman behind the Self-Optimization Summit enjoys the courtyard with Hans.