Learn about cellular cleanup on the latest episode of FITx Talks with Rowena Gates and Ash Ghandehari

NanoVi™ is featured in FITx Talks ‘The CLEANUP Series’. The series is best described as “10-minute talks to clean up your health, nutrition, environment and live your best life”. Ash Ghandehari created this series to provide rapid fire tips from leading scientists, speakers, and coaches to help us live healthy and get results.

Reminiscent of TedX, FITx talks last only about 10 minutes. What makes the FITx series work so well is that Ash seems to have found the perfect balance between a presentation and an interview. Ash keeps topics relevant and speakers must be concise, so there is a lot of helpful information packed into each FITx talk. Ash interviews Rowena Gates about using the NanoVi™ device for cellular clean up and supporting the detox process. Enjoy Rowena’s conversation and the FITx Talks cleanup series:

It is worthwhile to explore other FITx talks. Health tips and strategies have been delivered by a wide range of guests, all of them specialists in the fields of fitness, wellness, and mindset, and all with the goal of helping you live your best life. There are lots of great FITx Talks available, including one by fellow NanoVi fan, Ben Greenfield.

Ash Ghandehari is remarkable in his own right. He is a motivational speaker and marketing whizz, as well as a dedicated family man and athlete who has completed over 20 marathons and 7 Ironman events. He is the founder of iam365, a nonprofit program to help young people combat obesity by changing their mindset, confidence, and character. Ash founded the company Hyburst, which makes healthy sports drinks that aren’t packed with sugar. He was inspired to create Hyburst during his endurance training as a replacement for less healthy sports drinks. He has hosted FITx Talks to help others enjoy more healthy lives.

Ash Ghandehari, FITx Talks

FITx talks brings health information to the masses in convenient and easy to understand 10-minute videos

Rowena, Eng3, NanoVi, FITx Talks

Rowena had a blast speaking with Ash during the FITx Talk

Ash Ghandehari, FITx Talks

Ash Ghandehari is not content with merely being an expert athlete, through FITx Talks he gives people the knowledge they need to be fit enough to do what he has done